Having High Life Goals

I’m in love with high-goals.

I don’t want to have a small business – I want to have a really big one. I don’t want to speak just three languages – I want to speak more than ten. I also don’t want to stay all my life in Argentina – Instead I pursue to travel to every corner of the Earth.

Having High Life Goals

This is how I am and how I think; I need to have really high goals – they are what keep me going. They make me wake up all thrilled and excited.

Do you have your own?

Why You Should Have High Goals

You need to think high if you want to be remarkable. Churchill didn’t think about signing a good armistice deal with the Nazis – He instead decided to push on and win the war, even when the odds where overwhelmingly against him. Schliemann didn’t go to play to the Aegean – He went to dig out Troy. And you know well that James Cameron built Avatar to be the success it was.

Big guys think big – Is not a simple coincidence. Luck can help, as so can many other factors. But the real deal comes from that drive and commitment to achieve that success people have.

Whoever wants to achieve something great in his or her life has to have high goals. They are what will make you stand out from the rest. If you want to be a huge success, aim high – aim for the stars. If you don’t get there you’ll still go a long way.

My Own High Goals

I have many life goals. And most of them very high – you might even find them disturbing. But well, I’m sure that if I want to live an exciting life I have to pursue exactly this:

  • Climb Mt. Everest (as well as the rest of the Seven Peaks.)
  • Write a #1 NYT Best-Selling Book.
  • Discover and dig out the Alexandrian cities of Nicaea and Bucephalia.
  • Speak fluently more than ten languages.
  • Become President of Argentina.
  • Have a great wife and strong, healthy and well educated kids.

You may well now laugh at me if you want. This list will look impossible to most of you reading – But it is that impossible? Think about it. Life is NOT short. It’s really long if you are willing to spend it doing the stuff that matters.

I believe that I might achieve the first four points before even getting 30. It will require blood, sweat and tears, but it’s not something completely out of reach. It will be tricky, though, if those two ancient cities are really lost forever.

The Psychological Aspect

People often ask: won’t you be depressed and void if you don’t get as high as you want to? Definitely NO. As long as you give your best and fire your best shot, there’s no reason to be depressed.

I’ll try everything to get to the peak of the Everest. If a snow storm stops me, I’ll try again. If my body is not strong enough, I’ll train harder. But if it’s just impossible for me to do it I won’t keep hitting myself to the wall. I’ll be content enough with getting a hundred meters off the peak.

I won’t kill myself if I can’t find Nicaea and Bucephalia either. I’ll dig until the center of the Earth before giving up. But if they are not there, I’ll just move on. There will be no reasons to be gloomy about it.

As long as you make sure you tried your best, there’s no reason to be depressed. It’s actually unfair to blame yourself if you gave the most. The problem is that people often don’t push themselves to the real limit. If you want to win big, you have to push to the very end and not an inch less.

Someone is always doing something someone else said was impossible. Try trying.