Having a Very High Objective

Let me tell you a short story – How my crazy but sometimes bold mind works. Once a long while, really not too often, I set myself a very high target. It may work out or end in a total failure, but I always have a hell out of a fun. And, guys, I go ahead – The plans never end up in mere words. I try, really.

Having a Very High Objective

After all, I got the Oktoberfest Queen via the power of poetry and the Hungarian model with the power of tango dancing. So it is possible! Someone gets this super hot women and it’s not always beautiful guys with big wallets. It can be you, it can be me… someone is going to, for that I’m sure.

It all starts when you set yourself a target. This time, may the world laugh if they want to, I’m going to go for my highest prize yet: the renowned and beautiful Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova (on this post’s photo). I just heard she is coming to Buenos Aires for an exhibition match in December – I can’t miss out on this chance! I want her. December is still long way from now, but I got more time to plan.

I never went for such a sky-high celebrity – It’s not what I’m used to and who I really like. But this can be fun! And it will be a great story for the site… So, Maria, here I come!

What should I do? What’s going to make me, a simple mortal from Argentina, achieve what millions of other men wish and dream of? Well, one thing is certain: I’m going to try, try hard and for real. I’ll try to be as bold as possible. I have yet to think what I’m going to do – But it’s going to be something great. Something Maria won’t easily forget.

I think that the hardest part is to break through that gigantic circle of defenses (managers, security, bouncers) she might have. But I’m going to pull it through! I certainly hope to – And once face to face with her I might have maybe 20 to 30 seconds to speak up. Hard, really hard. But doable and it’s going to be fun guys!

Roughly thinking right now I came up with a few ideas and things I could give a try to:

  • I’ll practice my Russian a bit. When I traveled to Moscow and St. Petersburg I learned the very basics – But I should take it a step farther and learn a few more things this time.
  • I’ll research where is she going to stay and where is she going to go. I’ll go there, get to know the staff, bribe if I have to and know the terrain beforehand. Maria is going to eat and sleep somewhere, for that I’m sure.
  • I actually could even book a place in the hotel she’ll be staying at. Yep!
  • I’ll practice my elevator pitches intensively and investigate EVERYTHING she likes.
  • I don’t care if she brings boyfriend or someone with her. I’ll make him look outsmarted and outwitted if I have to. Unless he is from Argentina too (doubt it!) he won’t dare to get into trouble here.

But either way, I’m sure I’ll get those 20 to 30 seconds (if not less.) So then, the real deal is to think about that moment. I got to rock her world so bad in that short time span that she’ll give me more time. I got to go step by step and the steps, guys, are really short as hell.

One thing I thought is to give her the most amazing flowers she ever received. That could be – Will cost a bunch, but could give me those few seconds I need the power of a dramatic entrance. I could couple that with one or two more things to make a big impact and leave her thinking.

My community, what would you do if you were in my situation? If you only had 20 seconds with Maria Sharapova, what would be your strategy? I’ll keep thinking about this every day and will keep you updated too. It is really crazy but trust me that I’ll give the best try and make this a lot of fun!

And if you have one dream as this one – Go ahead and do it! It will be fun, you’ll learn a lot and maybe you are even successful! It’s a great experience and an amazing anecdote. Keep me posted!