Happy Scratch App Review: Can You Really Earn Money?


Looking for a fun and easy way to win free rewards from your smartphone or tablet? Happy Scratch app might be just what you need! With its lucky scratchers and other exciting games, you can accumulate tokens and cash rewards in no time.

However, not everyone is satisfied with the app. Many users have reported glitches and missing coins, and some claim that the company stops giving out rewards when users are close to cashing out. As a result, some people are wondering: is Happy Scratch app a scam or legit?

What is Happy Scratch

Despite these complaints, we cannot definitively say whether Happy Scratch is a scam without solid evidence. The app allows you to earn digital currencies in the form of cash and coins, but these rewards have no real value until the company puts real cash in your pocket. In other words, there are no guarantees that you will get rewarded for playing scratchers for weeks or months.

If you’re still interested in trying Happy Scratch app, here’s what you need to know: it’s a free mobile app that lets you play scratch cards and other games for a chance to earn real cash. It has been downloaded over 1 million times and is similar to other apps like Lucky Cat, Scratch Royale, Lucky Go, and Lucky Day. As you play, you’ll earn either cash or coins that accumulate in your account. Once you reach the minimum payout threshold, you can request a payment.

Before you dive into Happy Scratch, however, you might want to ask yourself an important question: Have you ever thought about the possibility of earning a job-replacing income from home? While Happy Scratch may offer some fun and entertainment, it’s unlikely to provide a reliable source of income. So, if you’re serious about making money online, you might want to consider other options.

How Does Happy Scratch Work?

Happy Scratch App is a free mobile app that offers scratch cards and other games to users for a chance to earn real cash and coins. But how does it work?

The app is funded by advertising, which means you will see ads while playing games. This is how Happy Scratch can afford to reward users. The main game is the scratch card, which gives you 50 free scratch cards every day with cash prizes ranging from $1 to $1,000. All you have to do is scratch the card to reveal six symbols. If you match three pictures, you win the cash or coin prize displayed on the card. You also get bonus coins for every card, even if you don’t win.

The app developers earn ad revenue every time you watch an ad, just like YouTubers do. The more you play, the harder it gets to win the same amount of money. You must watch a 30-second video after every two or three scratch cards. There’s also a Lucky Spin game, where you can win cash rewards and coins. You get free spins every day if you watch ads, or you can buy a spin for 5000 coins. The Lucky Egg game gives you three hits every four hours for a chance to win more coins and cash rewards. You can also watch a video to halve the waiting time. Finally, there’s the Lucky Doll game, where you try to grab three gifts with a pincer to earn cash.

How Much Money You Can Earn

Happy Scratch app offers a chance to win cash and coins by playing games such as scratch cards, lucky spin, lucky egg, and lucky doll. However, the chances of winning significant cash prizes are low. The majority of the time, you’ll earn coins with very little value. It’s challenging to make real money with the app as a result.

For instance, a YouTuber played Happy Scratch for ten minutes and earned $2.21 and 745,000 coins. But, had he continued to play for another ten minutes, he would have likely earned much less.


To cash out, you must reach a minimum threshold of $10 via PayPal. Alternatively, you can exchange 10,000,000 coins for $2 via PayPal. Additionally, you can cash out $10 via Amazon gift cards once you’ve earned 40,000,000 coins. Despite these opportunities, many users may never attain the minimum threshold to cash out.


We hope that the information provided has been helpful in answering your questions about Happy Scratch. While the app offers opportunities to earn rewards and potentially some cash, it is important to keep in mind that the chances of winning significant amounts are quite low. Additionally, the app relies heavily on advertising revenue and may not convert your digital currency into real cash. Ultimately, Happy Scratch can be a fun way to pass the time and earn some rewards, but it should not be relied upon as a primary source of income.