Graduated And Without Job? Here’s What You Must Do

It may well happen that you are just graduated and, after months, still looking for a proper job. It’s not all your fault – after all, as a consequence of the crisis new positions are scarce and it’s still really hard to find one.

What to do then? First, don’t desperate. If you can’t find a job just remember that most graduates are in the same situation you are. It’s as sad as that. But don’t let that take you down, use this opportunity to work on your personal development and building up for better job prospects in the future.

I really encourage you to read Seth Godin’s short and thought-provoking post on what he calls the “Graduate School for Unemployed College Students.” Seth gives you a very demanding list of things you could and should do while you are still looking for a job. Taking a year off your plans to do what Seth says is, if you have the possibility, a great idea. Read the post to see what I’m talking about!

Seth tells you to do everything on the list, something that, though possible, is still way hard and demanding to achieve. But, in the end, if you want to be really successful in life and excel over everyone else (and, thus, also have better job opportunities in the future) you should do most of what Seth says.

I took Seth’s advice and changed it a bit for my own perspectives. Think that, if you have the possibility and you don’t have the absolute necessity to be working on a bad job, taking a year off for extensive personal development is absolutely worth it. I’ll let you know what I’m doing while I still don’t find a proper job. I hope it is inspiring to you!

  • I started working for a non-profit. Albeit not as many hours as Seth says, I’m still giving a chunk of my time to work for the dream of helping the poor out of their terrible situation. Makes me feel good, I met a lot of new and great personalities and I’m doing something that matters.
  • I’m learning intensively a foreign language – German – with lessons, meet ups and more learning at home. It’s hard, but I’m going up levels fast and with a lot of dedication. I already speak the language well enough, but I want to master it.
  • I started and run an online community – Dating Beautiful Women. It is not that big yet but it will keep growing. People meet each other, exchange advice and opinions and will make long and ever lasting friendships. I’ve big plans for this one!
  • I’m preparing to give workshops on inspiration, life and happiness here in Buenos Aires. Still planning the programs, the venues and all. But it will happen. It is the ultimate way to practice my public speaking while I’m helping other people.
  • As well as the two blogs, I’m writing a novel, a movie script and a few e-books that will see the light of the day someday soon. I expect to self publish a small guide to be complimentary to the workshop too. Because of all this writing, I have been taking a few writing workshops to improve my skills.
  • I’m training to run a half marathon. Seth says I should train for the whole marathon, but I don’t think I’ll be able to achieve that just yet. We’ll see what happens!
  • I’m writing a detailed business plan for a entrepreneurship competition – Seth says three, so I could give a try and write one more. But I have still yet to think about a new remarkable idea.
  • I take tango classes twice a week and practice for the GMAT exam a little every day.

It may seem that it is a lot of things to do, but just as Seth says, if you wake up early, give up TV and pointless Internet surfing, you can make it. You have to take it as a real job because that is what it is. After a few months of doing this seriously it may sound even stupid to you to spend eight hours in an office doing something you don’t want and spending most of the day making money for someone else.

I didn’t take this so serious from the very beginning, but the more I’m immersed on it, the more responsible I’m becoming. Give it a try! I hope it serves as inspiration and, if you are just graduated, don’t worry! Until you find the job you want, better work on doing this! Seth’s list is very clear, but just as me, you can tweak it a bit and work on what you feel is going to be the best for you.