Best Places To Meet Girls In Tokyo & Dating Guide


Tokyo undoubtedly offers vibrant dating experiences where you can date and hook up with adorable Japanese ladies throughout the city. However, Tokyo is a very big city and not all districts or areas can be easily explored by foreigners. Whether you’re a tourist or ex-pat in Japan, you might face some cultural shocks. Even the nightlife and dating customs could be totally different than in your home country.

In Tokyo, Shibuya and Roppongi could be where you can start because they’re home to a vibrant nightlife with a range of entertainment centres throughout the districts. This is our guide for you to date or hook up with Japanese girls.

Best Places to Meet Girls During The Day

You might have wondered whether or not you can meet up with Japanese girls without the nightlife stuff or simply during the day. Meeting Tokyo girls during the day could be cheaper but you’d likely need more skills/strategies to hold exciting conversations with them.

While you can find many attractive women walking on the busy streets of Tokyo in the daylight, getting one could be a daunting task.  What you need to do is to find the proper places somewhere in Shibuya to approach one of them and avoid frontal contacts. Don’t bust them in the crowd but take a distance for observation and less crowded places like Tsutaya to make another movement.

Shopping malls are also eligible spots to approach Japanese girls in the daylight since they have more space where you can extend your move. While it’s tempting, you should never bust any Japanese girl in the daylight on busy streets. The Asakusa district is home to malls where you can approach girls more effectively. Some malls like Sun Mall or Diversity could be your choices.

Malls, landmarks or even tourist destinations can also be places where you can find Japanese girls enjoying attractions or views. You can approach these girls and hold casual, respectful conversations. You’d certainly get a date with one of them soon. As for daylight date ideas, some casual destinations are considerably legit for your missions.

In the afternoon, you can take the girl for lunch and stroll the parks or gardens nearby. Saitama is where you should go if you want to spend the weekend without taking too many miles. Japanese girls appreciate casual dates at these places. If you’re after a dating experience, you don’t have to use fancy places but go for a casual date in Tokyo Tower, Ueno Zoo, museums, or even a shrine.

Best Places to Meet Girls During The Night

Roppongi and Shibuya are two major nightlife spots in Tokyo with bars and nightclubs to meet more girls.  Generally speaking, Roppongi is more vibrant with more places you can visit to meet sexy ladies and hook them up.

Camelot, Harlem, Womb, or Circus are Shibuya’s recommended places to meet those sexy ladies.  Roppongi offers even more places like Lex, Muse, R2, V2, Tusk, Jumanji, Geronimo Shot Bar, and so forth. You can book a room nearby the nightlife spots so you can reach them very quickly when you need one.

Extend your experience in Shinjuku and Ginza where you can find bars and clubs with similar hype. Chiba and Yokohama are great destinations if you’re looking for singles nightlife. SexyJapanese girls would simply hang out in these places and they’re typically ready for pick up. More importantly, they don’t mind or even prefer foreigners like you.

Wherever you’d go for night dating, karaoke bars in Tokyo are still okay but they’re not really ideal if you want to pick up girls. You can just go to plain bars or clubs to get these girls and avoid costly compensated dating experiences. As long as you pick the correct place and approach, you can prevent compensation from happening.

Generally speaking, what you need is a  gaijin-friendly bar or club that welcomes foreigners. Furthermore, these places should host hot Japanese girls who love to date or hook up with foreign men. Not all places welcome foreign guests and visitors so you better avoid them for good. The bars mentioned above are options you can start with.

Since these places may change their names and new places can be opened in the future, keep updated with our list. Meetup events are also a considerable option to meet hot singles in Tokyo. Take our guides below to find an eligible place for starting your dating and hooking up experience with Japanese girls.

Chat With Girls Online

Another rule of dating in Tokyo is to avoid bad places which are your bad luck when trying to date or hook up with Japanese girls. Not only that some places aren’t gaijin-friendly but there are also some challenging situations you might encounter like the fact that many Japanese girls barely speak English.  If you’re not into nightlife or daylight approaches, you may consider going online.

Whenever you find hardships in approaching Japanese girls, you can use dating apps like Japan Cupid.  This app allows you to chat with beautiful girls online with a built-in translator. Even if you don’t know Japanese and the girl doesn’t know English, you both can still have a good conversation on the platform.

With Japan Cupid, you can pick up any woman on the platform anytime you want. From dating to hooking up in Tokyo, online dating sites could be your best shortcut.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

If you’re a tourist or expat to Tokyo, you must know several things before starting over. Tokyo girls barely speak English so you better hold conversations slowly and simply. Use your gestures and always smile to make them comfortable around you.

Hooking up with Tokyo girls needs a polite and warm approach so you better leave the Western-style for a while. The main idea is to hold a friendly chat with these girls and to smile every time you talk. You can definitely tell whether or not they’re interested in you.

Ask them to visit another place and to where you can conveniently have a casual conversation with a drink. You can then politely ask them to leave with you while strolling with them to a hotel or where you’re staying. From there, it’s only a matter of their decisions whether or not you’d be hooking up with them.

Tokyo Dating Guide

Dating experiences in Tokyo could be as vibrant as the city. Certainly, you’d find many sexy Japanese ladies but only in good places and with the right approaches you can eventually date or hook up with them. You can use Japan Cupid if you want to speed up things or set your dates in advance. Anyway, just enjoy your time and get the best dating experience in Tokyo.

If you have the time in the night, you can start with the gaijin-friendly bars we’ve previously mentioned. Therefore, we also suggest you get hotels in Roppongi or Shibuya so you can reach these bars more easily. Subways are the best transportation mode for travelling slightly in distances.

There are some places that you better avoid to meet women in Tokyo. At this point, you might have been thinking about karaoke places, right? While you can flirt with pretty girls, this isn’t exactly a date you really want. You’d spend a lot of money to treat them for an extended experience.

Romance or one-night stand? You can’t expect much from these places because this is what they call compensated dating. There are better options if you really want to meet Japanese women and avoid such money-draining dating experiences.

We hope this article helped you find the best places to meet girls in Tokyo. We bet you’ll also like our other guides for the best places to meet girls in Shanghai and best places to meet girls in Singapore.