Best Places to Meet Girls in Shanghai & Dating Guide

If you are coming to Shanghai and wondering if you can be accompanied by an attractive lady, then it is not just a dream. You can actualize it!

It could be a new thing for you or not. Regardless, you might be wondering about how you can easily date a Shanghai girl. Well, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

One fact which we shouldn’t overlook is the fact that it is a big international city with a lot of tourists, foreigners, and expats. It comes with a lot of spots and places that you can visit to pick up singles for dating and hookups. Whether you are doing it during the day or at night, it does not matter. You can’t go wrong when visiting this city for that particular purpose.

I assume that you are reading this because you already have a plan to go, or are at least still jotting down the place on your wishlist. Well, you are on the right track since I am going to disclose some important information about how to pick up hot and sexy girls in Shanghai. So stay tuned and read this guide until the end. You will thank me later.

Best Places to Meet Girls During the Day

If you have more time to spend in Shanghai, it is a great idea to start as early as possible during the day. But again, language can be the first problem to tackle. If you can speak Chinese, you will stand a chance. Otherwise, you might end up strolling around Shanghai’s streets only smiling at women. Most local Shanghai girls do not speak English well.

Some of the spots to visit are Jingan and Xintiandi. As you stroll around to those two spots, you will see a lot of singles out there walking alone or with their pals. You can try to approach them if you have the guts. You can also try meeting the girls at malls or shopping areas. Here are the malls that you can visit to find some girls: IFC Mall, Plaza 66, Yuyuan Bazaar, Cloud Nine, etc. You can’t expect too much when the time is still too early. But if you can speak Chinese, you will definitely have a much better chance to meet with the girl you like.

Best Places to Meet Girls at Night

If you are going at night, great opportunities will come to you. Nightlife gives options for getting laid with Shanghai girls. There are some local spots that you can visit. The majority of tourists and expats go to nightclubs and pick-up bars to court their single ladies.Although it could be a long shot, especially during the pandemic, you can still have a chance to make new attractive friends out there.

Here are the places that you can visit to meet with your hot girls in Shanghai: Dada, Myst Club, Le Baron, The Shelter, Zapata, Reel to Reel, Kartel Wine Bar, M1nt, M2, Celia, and so on.

You could also get involved in some local spots for the nightlife in Jingan and Xintiandi. These spots have a lot of expats and foreigners. So, there’s a chance that you can meet many girls from across the globe as well.

You and your tagged friends can have a party with tons of tourists from across the globe there.

If you are eager to stroll around to find your opportunities, I suggest you take your feet to 158 Julu Road. It is also a great place to start looking for your opportunities. This road has a lot of bars and clubs to enter to pick up your girls.  The bars are filled with people who are fond of the nightlife in the city. You can certainly hook up with them. Just make sure that you make contact with the right girls. They said that not all of the guests are real guests. Some of them are prostitutes.

Chat With Girls Online

It is not a new thing to know that bars and clubs can go up and down, especially if you are looking for a hookup partner. If your timing is not right, all of these ladies might have already gone. Many of the locals could be conservative.

But even though they are less conservative, you still have to overcome the language barrier with them. You won’t know for sure if the girls can speak English unless you ask them one by one. Rather than wasting your time and money to do that, why not meet these girls on an online dating site?

Register an account on a popular dating site like China Love Cupid. Then start browsing and focusing your search only on Shanghai. You’ll be surprised with the results. There are thousands of Shanghai girls who have moved to the dating app to achieve their dating goals. You can do that too.

In fact, these girls are using the platform for good reasons: dating or hooking up. It can always be between these two options.

Tweak your profile and be really clear about what you want so that only same-minded people will get involved with you. For instance, if your sole purpose is to hook up, you could just say so. There is no point in hiding particular goals, anyway.

There are many single women who join China Love Cupid from their country. You can also use the filter to focus on the girls who want to find new people for hookups. If you’ve gotten your match, build a good relationship with her.

It is a great idea to make as many friends as you want on this particular site. China Love Cupid is probably the best source you will want to visit first. The other sites are AdultFriendFinder, China Love, and so on. Don’t get stuck with only one girl. You will want to broaden your networks so that you can meet with anyone you like when you arrive in Shanghai.

The other online tip is to join forces with a particular club promoter through their social media, forums, or other platforms. Promoters will usually help foreigners get into the clubs for free. You can also cut the lines because the promoters focus on obtaining foreigners as attendees.

Make your reservation with your girl a week or so before your arrival so that you will be able to meet her without any hassle when you come to Shanghai.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

The key here is to be confident with what you’ve gotten. There are no successful achievements without good plans. So, make plans before arriving in Shanghai. Consider contacting your girls in advance, prior to your arrival. Make friends with some girls so that you can always have more than one companion at the same time.

It is not too hard to do something fun with the girls you like. You just need to be a bit more creative to tease them. Tag along your friends so that the other friends will not be left alone.

Shanghai Dating Guide

The local currency is the Yuan. For every USD spent, you will receive approximately 6.5 Yuan. Everything is pretty affordable there.

For transportation, you could use the subway to reach your destination quickly and safely.

Consider booking your hotel days or weeks before your arrival and choose a hotel that is close to the center of the town or your destination.

Find some interesting offers online. Some companies offer a good number of discounts in the low season. Avoid the high season since it will be more expensive to travel there.

We hope this article helped you find the best places to meet girls in Shanghai. We bet you’ll also like our other guides for the best places to meet girls in New Delhi and best places to meet girls in Seoul.