Best Places To Meet Girls In Seoul & Dating Guide

When you’re travelling to Seoul and want to meet or even date the girls, then you really need a proper guide. Even if you’re an ex-pat in South Korea, you’d need this guide to pick up Seoul girls. You need to know the best places, platforms, and approaches to eventually date or even get laid with ladies in the City.

First, our guide would include the best places to meet girls in Seoul during the day and night.  As you might have known, the nightlife places like bars or clubs could be the main spots. However, the daylight games could be different and you better don’t miss opportunities offered by online dating platforms.

Whether you’re looking for someone to hook up with, a girlfriend, or even a wife, our guide helps you to achieve your goals.  Different strategies may take place for dating a girl or as for one nightstand. From the places to approaches, you need to use all you’ve got for successful attempts. We also disclose dating tips for any tourist or ex-pat in Seoul.

Best Places to Meet Girls During The Day

Some people prefer the day game instead of crawling through the nightclubs. Casually approaching a single woman, having a warm chat, and strolling through Seoul could be your preferences as well. The capital city of South Korea hosts vibrant shopping districts like Dongdaemun where you can find hot Korean girls around in the daylight.

Otherwise, you can go straightforwardly to malls in the city like Time Square Mall, Lotte, Central City, Coex, D Cube City Mall or IFC. You have bigger opportunities to meet local girls and to have a nice chat with them. If you’re lucky enough,  you can pick them up.

Ssamziegel is another district where you can also find many women walking through the streets. Whenever possible, you can also take advantage of the train stop, especially when you’re heading to the same destinations. Cafes are also one of the top favorite places where many Korean girls hang out with their friends.

Best Places to Meet Girls During The Night

The night options are pretty obvious and Seoul has a vibrant nightlife where you can find singles for a date or hookup. If you’re looking for the wildest nightlife experiences with hot girls everywhere, then you must go to Gangnam. You might meet K-Pop stars there because this area is simply their hive.

If prefer the night game, then you better book an accommodation or live near nightlife areas like Gangnam. However, when it comes to picking up bars or nightclubs, Seoul has the same rules as Tokyo. Foreigners aren’t welcomed in some places but don’t worry we’d inform you with the legit ones. Generally speaking, Itaewon could have been your best chance to pick up Korean girls who love foreign men. If you’re trying to get laid, Hongdae could be your option since it has less pretentious atmosphere than the previous two districts.

Still, Itaewon is the winner when you want to hook up with hot girls  in Seoul and this particular area has been changing further. You can now find more prostitute bars and even gay bars in Itaewon so it caters a spectrum of singles and sexual orientation. This area is a straightforward destination for partying and one night stands.

These places offer different experiences for you to explore but you need to give a shot to figure them out. Even if you’re a traveller, you may have a better chance if you grab any opportunity to get laid with local girls in Seoul. Next, what you need to learn is how to approach and pick girls in Seoul.

Chat With Girls Online

The main obstacle when approaching ir picking up South Korean girls in general is the language. Assuming you’re speaking English, the language is barely spoken in the country even in its capital city Seoul. While you might have a better chance in nightlife, verbal communication is inevitable in the day game.

At this point, you can use online dating apps like Korean Cupid that enables you to chat with Seoul Girls online. This platform allows you to find girls who can at least speak and understand English through messages. The built-in translator can be unlocked with a premium subscription that can smooth your conversations.

Certainly, this dating app speeds things up and allows you to get a date very quickly. Instead of crawling through bars or clubs and spending a lot of money to buy your change, you can start messaging and picking up girls in minutes. Let’s think this way, Seoul girls might also think the same way and use the app to meet foreign men.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

If you want to get laid with Seoul Girls as soon as possible, then money is the key. Casual approaches may take a very long time to succeed and you end with uncertainty. Many Seoul girls are attracted to money and if you go to the Gangnam area, you can easily get laid with girls there.

Social status and appearances really do matter regardless of whether you’re in the day or night game. Be sure to dress nicely and showcase your richness. Book good hotel rooms near the nightlife spots like in Incheon or Suwon and you’re ready to go. The hottest girls would get laid with the richest foreigners like you. If you’ve successfully picked up the girl, you can simply bring her to your room in no time.

Well, getting laid could be costly in Seoul especially if you want to skip the romantic stuff. However, with more money, you can treat these materialistic women and they’d give you almost everything in return.

Another chance you can instantly hook up with Seoul girls is by using that online dating app. There is no bar, no club, but you can extend the communication before taking them into romantic dining in the tower. Spend the whole day with your date and eventually take her to your room.

Seoul Dating Guide

At this point, we recognize two games: the nightlife and the daylight. However, it’s very important to recognize romantic spots in Seoul as well and there’s no better place than a restaurant or a cocktail bar. Some places like Dining In Space at Arario Museum or N Grill at Namsan Tower offer outstanding experiences and no woman would like to reject your request for dining there.

If you’re exploring Itaewon and stay there for a while, then you can consider romantic dining in All That Jazz and JJ Mahoney’s. These places give you the opportunity of classy flirting with your date in Seoul. Besides, you can really enjoy the ambience and the atmosphere before you buy a chance of getting laid.

Unlike in Japan, Karaoke is actually a great idea to pick up girls. It’s simply because Seoul girls love this particular activity and there is a multitude of karaoke bars throughout the city.  They have a variety of rooms, facilities, activities, and amenities in these bars. You can practically take your girl there and book an intimate room for both of you.

For the day game, Seoul hosts various landmarks and natural attractions that become superior dating spots if you’d like to have one. You can stroll the beautiful Han River or Yeouido Park while enjoying the weather and views. A more casual idea is to go for rides in amusement parks like Lotte World. Yes, casual dating is still popular in the city so why don’t you take a chance?

We hope this article helped you find the best places to meet girls in Seoul. We bet you’ll also like our other guides for the best places to meet girls in New Delhi and best places to meet girls in Bangkok.