Best Places To Meet Girls In Phuket & Dating Guide

Phuket is a gem of Thailand which is a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy their vacation in natural surroundings. But just like any other person, you may want some companions from the attractive ladies out there.

In fact, you can have the same chance to court some attractive girls just like you do in Bangkok. If you are looking for the best guides to pick up girls for your companions during your visit to Phuket, you have come to the right page. Read this guide until the end and I guarantee that you will come up with an informative decision for you and your entourage when coming to pucket.

Contrary to popular belief, it is never a bad idea to begin your courting at daytime. Then you will meet many new people and attractive singles during the day, make an appointment, and do what you desire with them. In this guide, I’d also let you know the best ways to approach them online as well.

If it is the first time you have visited Phuket, this is the guide that you will ever need to make sure that you get on the right track.

I am sure you and your entourage are wishing for a happy ending by the time of your visit to Phuket. And I can help you to do it by sharing this comprehensive guide with you. By the end of the post, I will also give you bonus tips on how to get laid quickly.

Best Places to Meet Girls During the Day

It is highly possible to encounter the girls you desire in Phuket during the day. If you are wondering why, the reason is simple. Why would you visit Phuket? That’s the answer. The Phuket girls also have the same reason as yours as they visit Phuket.

You and your group might have planned to go to the beach in Phuket. So, it is not wrong to start searching from there.

Phuket has some popular beaches to visit for your particular purposes. However, you might find out that some beaches have fewer opportunities than others. You could focus on the beaches with the largest pools of attractive ladies. Most of these beaches are usually not overcrowded with families.

One of the most popular beaches to visit is Patong Beach. It is the most popular beach since there are many women who go there to tan and enjoy their free time. You can go directly to the beach to find your chances, but you could also try to find them at the beach clubs.

These beach clubs can be a great start to making new friends with those attractive ladies:

Paradise Beach Club at Muen-Ngern Rd, Patong

Dream Beach Club at Layan Beach, Soi 2

Xana Beach Club at 10 Moo 4 Srisoonthorn Rd.

But when coming to those clubs, you will need to be ready for the worst result. You might find a bunch of attractive girls out there. But some of them might already have a partner. During this pandemic, the challenge is a lot harder.

Besides the beach club, you could also encounter some attractive singles at malls and districts in Phuket. During daylight, I’d rather suggest you try your chances at Walking Street, Banana Walk, and Central Festival Phuket. These are the most populous areas in Phuket during the day.

Best Places to Meet Girls During the Night

Patong beach is an all-day destination. So, if you start your activity at a particular beach, you are on the right track! The nightlife of Phuket is around Patong and Bangla Road.

The night clubs here in Phuket are located in the same districts as other sensual components. That means you will also meet erotic massage parlors, street hookers, and plenty of regular travelers to enjoy their time there.

You will want to focus your search on the red light area. Most of the girls whom you meet in the Patong area might be escort ladies or prostitutes. You will never be sure. But you will also find plenty of female tourists who are also bringing their entourage. If you’re lucky enough, you could perhaps find the ones who are already on the same pages as yours. If you don’t want to pay for companions, your best chance is to try to hit some girls in the red light area. You don’t have to be alone to do this. Tag along your best friends to have a nice time with you there.

Chat With Girls Online

Meeting with girls online can be a great idea to start your sensual journey in Phuket. Well, with the online dating sites’ help, you don’t need to go out there and hit the road to encounter girls. Not to mention that you don’t have torisk yourself out there.

The online dating sites will help you to meet the girls of your dream and set up an appointment even before your arrival in Phuket.

You and your friends could take a chance there since it won’t take a long time until you find the perfect match who happens to be in the Phuket area as well. There are so many Thai girls who want to date foreigners. And if you hit that spot, then you will also have a great opportunity to get your dates quickly.

There are hundreds of sites that you could join out there. But I’d suggest you focus only on the most reputable ones. For instance, Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly have a good number of Thai girls who are ready to go on a special date with you.

Don’t get involved in the last minutes!

I’d suggest you sign up a couple of weeks or months before your exact date of arrival. Try to contact dozens of Thai girls. Reserve their contacts and get a closer relationship with them first. And then, when you come to Phuket, you will come prepared.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

As mentioned back then, you will want to make friends with girls first on the online dating sites. Here, you will not come to Phuket empty-handed.

As you arrive in Phuket, you will want to do the usual dates. But make sure to pick the right places for romantic dates. In the end, treating your girls nicely will give you more leverage over them. Therefore, when you’ve done a lot of good things for your Thai girls, you can proceed to invite them to your private room.

Treat her to a niche dining experience. I’d suggest focusing on popular restaurants such as Rustic Eatery, Old Siam, Sam’s Steaks, and so on.

You will also want to go to a party on Bangla Road. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Fantasea as well. Finish off your Phuket date night by reserving both of your bed and breakfast experiences or other kinds of privacies.

Phuket Dating Guide 

It is important to book a hotel in the Patong area since it is located near other strategic places where you can meet up with your Thai girls.

It is pretty common to see prostitutes offering their services around Bangla Road. So, you will really want to be selective if you want to spend money on their services.

But, you will always have the choice to take less aggressive approaches as mentioned above. You could join the online dating sites weeks prior to your arrival.

Encountering girls at usual night clubs can be challenging, especially during this pandemic. Your chance will be much better if you have networks in Phuket, or at least someone you know who has ever tried to hit some girls in the area.

Coming up with a successful plan is not hard. Reserve your opportunity with your new friends first from Thai Cupid or other online dating sites. And then, you will be golden.

We hope this article helped you find the best places to meet girls in Phuket. We bet you’ll also like our other guides for the best places to meet girls in Bali and best places to meet girls in Bangkok.