Best Places To Meet Girls In New Delhi & Dating Guide

Do you want to hook up with sexy ladies or date girls in New Delhi? What you need is the proper guidance about where and how you can start with your mission.  Our guide covers the best places and approaches to help you get laid with single girls in New Delhi.

We’d disclose both the night and day games that actually require different places and techniques. From finding the best pick up bars or nightclubs to exploring the spots where you can meet New Delhi girls, you’d find everything you need here. Online dating is also a topic that you’d need to know for reaching singles in the city.

Whether you want casual dating or getting laid with single women in New Delhi, you better come to the right place and with the correct approaches. Check what you need for the night game or the day game below.

Best Places to Meet Girls During The Day

Meeting single girls in New Delhi during the day is quite challenging and the odds are just even lower when you’re expecting instant hookups. It’s pretty obvious to say that New Delhi girls aren’t interested in chatting with strangers even if you’re a charming western guy. Talking to random girls in India doesn’t buy you a chance of casual data so don’t think about getting laid.

The day game doubles the hardship of the night game because these single New Delhi ladies might have just been busy with their routines. The best chance of meeting these local girls is at shopping districts or malls in the city like Pacific Mall, Ambience Mall, v3S Mall, The Great India Place, or DLF Place Saket. Assuming they’re hanging out or shopping around this place, you can try to approach them.

If your goals aren’t strictly local women, then you can navigate to Paharganj, book a room there and join other tourists. There, you might find women from other countries who are easier to get laid with than the local girls. Anyway, take every chance that’s coming to you and let your luck guide you.

Best Places to Meet Girls During The Night

New Delhi is actually a nightclub and single bar epicentre in India where you can definitely pick up sexy girls.  You can consider at least 15 spots like Privee at Shangri-La’s Hotel, Club BW at Suryaa Hotel, or Electric Room at Lodhi Hotel. These are the main nightlife places in the city and you can definitely run your missions here.

Manhattan Bar and Soi 7 are renowned as ideal pickup points but don’t forget to book a room in any hotel near Connaught Place. You don’t want to transport in the distance as you’re bringing a lady back with you into your room.

Even with vibrant nightlife spheres, it’s not easy to pick up and to get laid with New Delhi girls for two strong reasons. First, drinking and hooking up isn’t the main interest of Indian women in general and New Delhi girls aren’t an exception. Second, the nightlife places have become more exclusive and local girls can’t afford the lifestyle so you’d likely just find other tourists in these places instead.

Of course, you might find upper-class local women in these clubs or bars but picking up is another story.  Consequently, you’d have to spend a lot of money to buy chances of meeting sexy Indian girls here. If you have the money and luck, you can give it a shot. Otherwise, you can move to other areas like the Paharganj district which are more local and budget-friendly.

The area actually has its own nightlife scenes and has become the “meeting point” of backpackers. More importantly, you’d see more local girls in Paharganj. Your chance of getting laid with New Delhi ladies is higher here but you can always push your luck by exploring further to  Goa. Here, you can party and meet more ladies for hookups.

Chat With Girls Online

Considering the ultimate challenges for having a casual date or getting laid with New Delhi girls, you give up with the crawling. While there are some girls in the city who are open-minded with one night stands or dating foreign men, it’s certainly very difficult to find them.  So, where can you actually find these New Delhi girls?

You might have been hunting them in the night and day game but still, end with nothing. It’s pretty obvious that you’d need to go online and use dating or matchmaking sites like Adult Friend Finder to find them. This is your clue: any Indian girl who becomes a member of such a site is certainly your target.

Indian girls aren’t interested in randomly meeting western guys in public spaces but it’s a different story if you find their profile on the dating site. These girls are aware or even have the intention to seek a casual date or someone to get laid with. You can chat with these girls and eventually meet them in New Delhi when you’ve arrived.

Dating sites like Adult Friend Finder are ideal for finding someone you can hook up with.  If you find  New Delhi single women on these platforms, you know what they’re looking for. They’re certainly sexually open minded women who might be seeking for  one nightstand or instant hookup just like you are.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

Considering the hardships of pickup New Delhi girls offline, going online could be your best bet to get laid as soon as possible. You can start chatting with Indian girls domiciling in New Delhi. They would definitely reply to your messages if they’re interested in you. This is the crucial step to secure an opportunity to meet them because you’d hardly do it offline.

Even though the number of New Delhi girls available on these platforms isn’t as many as you’ve thought, the odds are quite good here. It’s because the female members are certainly less conservative and even more sexually open minded. If you’re lucky enough, you can pick up one of them after chatting for a while.

If you’re still trying to go offline, just ensure to book a room near the backpacker district or nightlife spots we’ve mentioned. This way, you can bring the girl from the nightclub or pickup bar to your room in no time. You can also save some bucks for distance transportation and keep the whole process streamlined.

New Delhi Dating Guide

You’d have a better chance of having casual dating or developing a relationship with New Delhi girls but it certainly takes time.  Romantic dining, hanging out in the nightclubs, and enjoying local attractions could be your itinerary. New Delhi has a lot of restaurants and fine dining places for your romantic dinner.

When it comes to day dates, you can use the casual ideas that actually work. You can either take your date to gardens or parks in the city during the day like Nehru Park, Lodi Gardens, or Buddha Jayanti Park. Explore the landmarks or historical buildings like Taj Mahal, National Museum, India Gate or The Red Fort. Take a coffee break in the cafe nearby whenever you want to.

If you want to take your date for a trip, you can consider Bangalore or Lahore. These places offer you more privacy as well as natural and cultural attractions that could be amazing dating itineraries.  However, it’s better to take the lady for a casual date first before taking her with you for a distance trip.

I hope this article helped you find the best places to meet girls in New Delhi. I bet you’ll also like our other guides for the best places to meet girls in Mumbai and best places to meet girls in Manila.