Best Places To Meet Girls In Mumbai & Dating Guide

Want to meet and date girls in Mumbai? You’re already on the right page. We have a guide that covers everything you need to pick up girls in the city. From the best places to dating ideas,  you can use them for your mission.

Before disclosing the Mumbai dating guide that includes tips and tricks, we’d inform you of the best places to meet the girls during the day and the night. Enhancing your odds, an online dating network could be a considerable solution you can use.

After knowing the best places to pick up girls, we’d guide you to eventually get laid with them. Check our night and day dating ideas if you desire a casual date with a Mumbai girl. Getting laid in Mumbai could be tricky if you don’t know where to go. Follow our guide to meet Mumbai girls, date, and hook up with them as soon as possible.

Best Places to Meet Girls During The Day

Meeting Mumbai girls during the day could have been the biggest challenge on this topic. Even though you can certainly find them around the city, it’s pretty hard to actually take them out for casual dating or hookup. As for the daylight game, you shouldn’t expect instant hookups with local girls.

Hooking up with local girls during the day is almost impossible while you have a slightly better chance at night. Even if you’ve visited nightlife spots in Mumbai, getting laid with the girls is still harder. Another reason why it’s so difficult is that Mumbai girls have their own routines and they’re pretty conservative in general.

Let’s say you find Mumbai girls hanging out throughout public spaces or shopping centers, you shouldn’t rush into them like you might have done in your home countries. Keep the slow pace and be respectful of their space because she might become scared of your aggressiveness. You need to be patient if casual dating is your goal.

If hookup is your primary goal, you have no chance during the day. However, you can get laid with tourists staying around Colaba. That could be your option if you’re strictly aiming for Mumbai women. If you’re confident and determined to hook up with local girls, then you first need to find them at malls or shopping centres like R City Mall, Phoenix Market City, Oberoi Mall, Viviana Mall, or at High Street Phoenix.

Best Places to Meet Girls During The Night

The night game is a little bit spacious in Mumbai because you can simply take advantage of singles bars and nightclubs. There, you’d likely have better chances of picking up Mumbai girls in these places. Nightlife epicentre is located at Bandra West,  Phoenix Mall, Lotus Colony, Airport Road, Waterfield Road, Juhu Tara Road, Sakinaka, or Senapati Bapat Marg. There are diverse bars and nightclubs in these areas so you can just follow the noise.

The nightlife spots are mainly situated in the northern part of the city where you can easily find singles and pick up bars. Generally speaking, Bandra West and Juhu are straightforward destinations considering you want an effective strategy. These areas host many night parties that you can join and give you better chances of picking up Mumbai girls.

Since Mumbai has bad traffic and you can’t count on public transportation, you better book a room near the nightlife spots. You better focus your hunts on a particular area per night because you don’t want to waste time moving from one to another area.

Colaba is Mumbai’s backpacking district where you can meet other tourists and find budget-friendly treats.  You can also extend your hunts to Lower Parel which is another singles nightlife district in Mumbai where local girls are partying and hanging out at night. Generally speaking, Colaba is the winner when it comes to an instant pick up if you’re not strictly looking for local Mumbai girls.

Local girls are generally harder to pick up so you may consider tourist girls in Colaba for one nightstand but it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance. Mumbai girls are sexually conservative so it’s natural if you can get laid with them instantly.  Picking up tourist girls won’t need special approaches as long as you stay in the touristy area. If you’re a die-hard Mumbai girl fan, you should use the ultimate method below.

Chat With Girls Online

At this point, many of you might have felt desperate about the chance of hooking up with Mumbai girls. Indeed, the challenges are pretty tough but it doesn’t mean that there’s no local girl who wants to go out or to gets laid with foreign people like you.  The problem is that you can’t find them conservatively.

The easiest way to meet girls in Mumbai is by using an adult dating network like Adult Friend Finder. Yes, it’s where local girls with a sexually open mind are looking for men for dating and/or hookups. As you might have imagined, you have a higher chance of getting laid with Mumbai girls who are members of this network.

For your information, many single girls in Mumbai use such a network. Even though you can’t meet girls offline, you’d definitely find them online. Many of them prefer foreign men like you to date or to get laid with. You can start chatting with them through the platform to see whether they’re interested in you.

You don’t worry about breaking the rule because Mumbai girls who have joined this network are more open-minded and westernized. In some cases, you can even choose one or more of these girls because you might have received a lot of responses.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

At this point, we can recognize two possible ways of getting laid in Mumbai as soon as possible. First, you can straightforwardly stay and hang out around Colaba for a hookup with other tourists. Second, if you want to get laid with Mumbai girls, then using adult dating sites is your best chance.

Don’t force yourself and anyone you meet in Mumbai for an instant hookup. Keep your moves efficient by using the adult dating network to chat with local girls who also wish for a one night stand. Instead of crawling through nightclubs or pick up bars with no guarantee, you can respond to sexy local girls who are actually interested in you through the chats.

Like anywhere else in India, you need to book a room in girlfriend friendly hostels. You can repeat the process for another girl but it’s highly recommended to use different hotels. Some of them may forbid you to bring a different girl every night.

Mumbai Dating Guide

If you desire a casual date in Mumbai, we have some ideas for you. Now, you already know how to find and meet girls but real dating requires a proper guide.  Fortunately, the city actually hosts various spots and activities that you can use for your dating experience.

When it comes to night dating, you can always take your date for dinner in either restaurants or cocktail bars. Sea Lounge at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel or Gallops at Mahalaxmi Racecourse is some destinations you can consider. You can extend your night dating by taking the girl to enjoy the night attractions nearby.

As for day dating, you can go for a casual date and spend less money. Mumbai has some parks that you can stroll and enjoy with your dates like Shivaji Park, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Priyadarshini Park, or the Hanging Gardens.  Grab some snacks or coffee breaks and extend your day dating to various landmarks in Mumbai.

I hope this article helped you find the best places to meet girls in Mumbai. I bet you’ll also like our other guides for the best places to meet girls in Kuala Lumpur and best places to meet girls in Istanbul.