Best Places To Meet Girls In Jakarta & Dating Guide


Jakarta is a vibrant and metropolitan city in Indonesia. It is also one of the most populous cities in the country, which is good news for you if you are looking for numerous companions during your visit.

Taking a tour of the city won’t be enough for a day. You will need to spend weeks or so satisfying your cravings.

If you have landed on this page, then I’d agree that the beautiful girls are one of the reasons for staying much longer in this city. It is indeed true that there are many girls whom you can find. But how to find the best dates for you?

The best way to start is to look in the right place. You can basically meet any girl in Jakarta during the day or night.

There are many places that are open day and night. Some of them are flocked by beautiful and sexy girls. You could just approach them with courtesy. If you want to steal your opportunities before arrival, you could also start joining dating sites and meet new friends there. After building a good relationship with these girls, you could just proceed to meet them when you arrive in Jakarta.

Keep in mind that not all the girls in Jakarta speak English. But many of the locals understand English and speak standard English. It might be difficult to communicate with somme girls. But if you hit the right spots, the language barrier will be the least thing to worry about.

Best Places to Meet Girls During the Day

You don’t have to wait until the sunset to start your activities with your sexy girls. You can even start your hunting during the day. But Indonesia is a conservative country. So, you will want to mind your attitudes when approaching girls. The last thing you want is to deal with local authorities because someone else thinks you’re a creep.

This city is vibrant with culture and religious demographics. So, looking for the best matches for dating during the day can be pretty challenging.

Most of these girls are conservative. But it does not mean that you don’t stand a chance to court a girl during the day.

Strolling around the streets could put your chances down to zero. Not only is it hot and polluted out there, most of these girls don’t want to spend their time walking around the streets. They’d rather chill and relax at the malls. You will find plenty of hot girls at the best malls in Jakarta. The best malls that you can visit are Plaza Indonesia, Senayan City, Grand Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, and so on.

Most of these malls are filled with less-conservative girls. Therefore, you won’t be surprised to encounter some girls who wear tank tops and short pants. You might be tempted to do more after seeing such nice legs and bodies. But again, you must do it with courtesy. Make a polite opening so that they won’t consider you a creep or stalker.

Best Places to Meet Girls During the Night

I can say that the nightlife in Jakarta is 180 degrees different than the daylife. It is the time when all of the bars and nightclubs light up the party with the sexy Jakarta girls. Some of these girls might dress casually during the day. Some of them even work in some offices or other workplaces. But when the sun is off, they flock to these places.

If you want to improve your chances of getting laid in Jakarta, you could focus on South or Central Jakarta. These areas host some of the best clubs and bars where you can meet sexy Jakarta girls. Some of them are natives, but you can also find some western-asian descendants, as well as Chinese descendants. All in all, the selections are very vibrant.

If your end objective is to get laid, then you could focus on night clubs and singles bars such as Safehouse, Blowfish, Jenja, Bluegrass, and so on.

In Central Jakarta, you can also find many clubs. These nightclubs could present you with hot ladies: Fable, Billions, Dragonfly.

Other great spots to try are Jack Sparrow’s, Lucy in the Sky, and Loewy.

In the north area, you might not find a lot of potential there. But you could try a popular club called Colosseum. It also has hot girls on a daily basis.

If you are attracted to some hookers, it can be tricky to find someone in the clubs. Your chances will be much better if you hire an escort. But that would be expensive.

Chat With Girls Online

Online dating is a no-brainer solution. Just like with any other agenda, you won’t succeed in finding your partner in Jakarta if you don’t have a good plan. And the plan that I mean is to reserve your opportunities even before your arrival dates.

You could join the dating site in advance. From the particular dating site, you will meet your ideal dates, then make an appointment to meet them there.

This city comes with numerous girls to encounter. Most of them might not show you some skin. But when in the private room, they will be wild.

There are dozens of dating sites that you can find on the net.

But just like any other dating type, your chances will be much better if you focus your search on a reputable site like Indonesian Cupid.

If you haven’t joined the site, I’d suggest that you make an account right now. You wouldn’t know how many girls you can meet through this site. You will be glad when you do. You could reserve your special opportunities with as many girls as you want. Then, when you are going to Jakarta, you just need to pick any girl you want to meet there. Set an appointment, and it’s done.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

The dating game in Jakarta can be pretty hit and miss. The failures will be much greater if you only focus on physical courting. Before you arrive in Jakarta, you must have a mindset that you won’t come with empty hands. You and your tagged friends must come more prepared so that the next thing you do is just meet your girls and get laid.

So, make sure that you have built a good relationship with the Jakarta ladies first. Then you can proceed to look for the best places to meet them.

I suggest shopping malls during the day. But in the evening, you could start off with a dining experience. Although you may have known your dating partner for awhile through an online dating site, you must remove all the awkward moments or nervousness by meeting them in a neutral place first. Talk to each other. Tease and flirt with her. And go to your room.

Jakarta Dating Guide

I have covered all the places that you can visit to find your girls in Jakarta. Then how to survive your first date in the city?

You must equip yourself with good knowledge and tools. Equip your gadget with good apps like Google Maps, Zomato, Traveloka, Gojek, Grab, and so on. For transportation, you could rely on Gojek or Grab, which is like Uber.

Book your hotel room in advance. I’d suggest reserving a room in the South or Central areas, since you will find a lot of bars and clubs there.

All in all, enjoy your time and have fun. Every man needs a break, after all.

I hope this article helped you find the best places to meet girls in Jakarta. I bet you’ll also like our other guides for the best places to meet girls in Phuket and best places to meet girls in Manila.