Best Places To Meet Girls In Hanoi & Dating Guide


Want to meet girls in Hanoi? We have the ultimate guide for you including where you should go and the strategies of hooking up or casual dating. Whether you’re a foreign tourist or a new ex-pat in Vietnam, you better not waste your time and get laid with Hanoi girls as soon as possible.

As the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi has become one of the major tourist and ex-pat destinations. The city is home to a lot of sexy girls with a vibrant nightlife. Our guide covers how you can pick up single women around the city and recognize the finest date spots.

Here, we’d inform you of places to meet girls in Hanoi during the day or night and how to eventually get laid as soon as possible. You must understand that Vietnamese girls are generally harder to hook up with than other Asian countries. Since the charm of Hanoi girls is irresistible like in Manila and Bangkok, you can actually get one with the proper guide.

If you want to hook up with Hanoi girls, you’d need to find the best possible nightclubs, pick up bars, and other spots to achieve your goals. Some areas like Hoan Kiem Lake are filled with tourists and nightlight spots where they can find local girls as well.

When it comes to dating in Hanoi, you need to find out about local restaurants, cafes, attractions, and activities for romance. Check our dating guide for the best approaches and locations below.

Best Places to Meet Girls During The Day

Meeting Hanoi girls during the day requires entirely different places and approaches than the night game counterpart while they might share the same areas. The main spot could have been in the Hoan Kiem Lake which is a “tourist center” during the day. Hanoi girls would be around in this particular area, especially in the Old quarter and they can be your target.

Malls are another place you can eventually meet Hanoi women during the day. Whether it’s Hanoi Square, Lotte Center, Trang Tien Plaza, or Vincom Center Ba Trieu, they’re all worth a try. Of course, you can’t flirt too much in these malls but you can definitely grab any chance.

Another ultimate location where you can accomplish your love mission in Hanoi is the cafes. The city is fully loaded with cafes that become hangout places for many single women. Well, coffee isn’t the only thing you’d enjoy there because you can possibly approach sexy ladies and join their table.

Best Places to Meet Girls During The Night

When it comes to the night game, you’d go to different places like nightclubs or singles bars to pick up Hanoi girls.  Of course, it’s not entirely easy to pick up girls for getting laid with but you’d have better odds in these places. If you want to go straight to pick up bars, the Beer Corner at Old Quarter could be your best chance because sexy Honey women are always there.

You can extend your hunts to the French Quarter and West Lake that host even more pickup bars. Of course,  the Bia Hoi Junction or Beer Corner is the largest one but these bars may also narrow your selections.  Besides, if you have more days in Hanoi, exploring these areas would be advantageous yet adventurous.  Finding accommodations nearby these places is also easier so you can secure any chance of getting laid.

However, you shouldn’t expect to pick Vietnamese girls in one night every time or you’d get disappointed. We recommend you just enjoy partying with local girls in these bars. Grab any opportunity on your table but keep the moderate pace to contain yourself in different sex cultures there. Also, take your chances of getting laid with tourist girls especially in the high season.

Chat With Girls Online

We’ve mentioned the hardships of getting laid with Vietnamese women and we meant it. While you can’t ignore any lucky moments, you can’t fully count on them for your missions.  If you compare it with Thailand or the Philippines, the difficulty isn’t comparable. Even though they welcome tourists, it doesn’t mean they want to get laid with you aggressively.

Even if you’ve visited bars and nightclubs or spots for the day game we’ve previously mentioned, there’s no guarantee you can eventually date or hook up with Hanoi girls. Language is just another obstacle when you want to approach women casually.

Most of these women don’t speak English and you’d be just crawling through the crowd to find one with no certainty. Fortunately, Hanoi girls are actually happy to date foreign men and what you need to do is just to find them. While crawling through the city could be a tedious task, you can make use of online dating sites like VietnamCupid to find them.

Many single girls in Hanoi use this site to meet single men including foreign tourists like you. You can even get your date before arriving in Hanoi. Above all, the use of dating sites streamlines the process of getting Hanoi girls for a date or one nightstand.

While you might spend days and a lot of money in the nightclubs for uncertainty, the dating site allows you to reach Hanoi girls within minutes. You can flirt with several girls at one time with their chatting feature. Any girl who’s interested in you would reply to your message for sure and you can start from there.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

You can’t speed things up in Hanoi but if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to pick up girls in the nightlife spots. Here’s the guide: always book a room nearby the nightclubs or bars you’ve targeted. The hotel or accommodation pick is also very important in this case because not all hotels allow you to bring local girlfriends.

Secure your hookup moment by booking a girlfriend-friendly room nearby the targeted places. Hotels in Hang Be Street or in Cua Dong Street could be your option.  You can also book a room in a different hotel if you hook up with a different girl every time.  Most importantly, it’s not too far away from your hunting area because you’d need to spend more money for transportation and there are chances of the girl losing interest.

If you’re using the online dating site, then you’d have more flexibility. You can book a room nearby your meetup point and waste no time for hookup when the chance comes. Sometimes, you might just meet a girl who doesn’t mind going straight to your room.

Hanoi Dating Guide

Let’s get into the straightforward dating guide specifically for Hanoi. We’d recite Old Quarter as the main dating spot you should go for your mission. This particular area hosts vibrant bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. Even during the daylight, you can explore this particular area to capture your opportunities in the day game.

As for casual dates, you can enjoy opera shows or theatre in this area. We recommend you to explore Hanoi’s entertainment and attractions because they’re affordable. They allow you to blend with local culture that may improve your chances of meeting attractive women for dating.

If you’re travelling to Hanoi for a limited time, you can visit the French Quarter where many tourist attractions are hosted. You can blend with other tourists and find local girls who can speak English.  Old Quarter itself has eateries and cafes that are tourist-friendly with a great exposure of local girls as well.

We hope this article helped you find the best places to meet girls in Hanoi. We bet you’ll also like our other guides for the best places to meet girls in Beijing and best places to meet girls in Bangkok.