Getting To Know Each Other

Many of you have been reading this site for months already… So I’m sure that by now you kind of know what are my beliefs, what I think and which are my general views and strategies when it comes to dating and picking up girls.

Getting To Know Each Other

Still, I have been quite slow when revealing more about myself. No real reason for that actually, just plain laziness I guess. But well, I, Mario, am after all the mind behind most of this. People, new and old friends, are helping me out writing, with ideas, translating, promoting and in many, many other ways. But in the end it’s me putting all this together.

Because of that and for us to have a more personal connection, I’ll tell you some random facts about myself. A few serious things, a few funny and some others that will make you know me more!

• I’m Italian, but I was born and raised in Argentina. I look Italian, eat Italian food and so on, but I speak Spanish and if when Argentina plays against Italy, I’m all for MY country!

• Speaking about sports, I’m a diehard football (discipline in some places known by the horrible name soccer) fan. I tend to lose my voice every second Sunday as I go to see my team play. Here in Argentina we are crazy for it and we are quite good too. Two times world champions, we are serious about it! The best footballer ever born is from Buenos Aires too.

• I started my first business aged six when I bought a casino slot machine and invited my friends over to play. It was a good strategy, but friends didn’t have much savings back then!

• I’m quite well traveled – I have been to more than 170 cities in 35 countries. In all my trips, few girls looked in my eyes as hot as the Ukrainians. They look naturally beautiful, but I hate the way they dress. When it comes to overall hotness, I would have to stick with Finland and Sweden.

• Nevertheless, looks are not the most important for me. My favorite girls are Italian and my future wife (I’m not engaged or anything, it’s just a way of saying) will be from Italy. Quite nationalistic, you see. But French/Greek/Argentinean/Brazilian/Some Spanish could do too. I feel more comfortable and much more connected in every way with them.

• The cologne I use when I go out, in case you want to know, is Chanel’s Allure. Girls love it; you could give it a try too!

• My favorite food is the Argentinean asado (our traditional barbecue.) I wouldn’t change that for anything and it’s the thing I miss the most once I’m away from home. Our meat tastes THAT good, yes. As a good Italian, I’m a big pasta and pizza fan too, and I eat 1kg worth of salad (at least) every day. It may look like a lot to you – But I’m thin, healthy and athletic!

• I’m a big fan of history, culture and archaeology. Just love it. Sooner or later in my life I’ll dedicate to travel the world in search of ancient cultures, lost cities and new things to discover. I’m sure about that – Thing is, I want to be more like Schliemann and less like the poor other archaeologists around. It will take time. Also, sometimes I rather spend the whole day in the museum rather than in a crazy party too. That’s what makes me special I guess.

• I like women who are women. Without being machista, I do dislike die-hard feminists and women who are against the old traditional roles of man and woman. We are equal, our rights and possibilities should also be, but the charm in a relationship and in life is when we are different too. I like being a gentleman and the girls being ladies.

• If I had to tell you which are my favorite kind of women, it would be something like this: around 1.70 meters tall, long light brown hair, brown/bright eyes, light skin and with a very nice bottom. In the epic fight between the importance of tits and ass, I go for the latter. Nothing against them, but I don’t feel attracted to African (black) girls, Latinas nor to most Asians (though some Koreans could be the exception.)

• I give a chunk of my time to work in Charity Organizations every day when possible. Makes me feel good to make the less advantaged to start dreaming of a better life.

• My favorite cities in the world are: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Vienna (Austria), London (UK), Istanbul (Turkey) and Santorini (Greece.) I think New York would be in the list too – But I only visited when I was something like 12 years old.

• I play golf. It’s sexy, fun and you meet a lot of amazing people that in other way would be completely out of reach to you.

• I speak four languages. But the number is and will keep growing! I won’t settle until I learn at least ten of them – Despite with English, Spanish and German I can kind of manage myself I most of the world, there’s a lot of possibilities I miss because I can’t speak Russian or French. Will learn them all soon!