Getting Started in Pick-Up Guide – Value as a concept, Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV)

DHVing and Being Higher Value

What is higher value as a concept?

Being Higher Value then other people and talking about higher value as well as demonstrating it does work well but I do not really agree with the classic community way of doing it. Sure you can always try to be cooler than everyone else but that in itself is kind of reactive. Some of you will not agree with me but everyone has their own way of doing things.Pick-up Artist

How to use it?

Instead I focus on things that I naturally love talking about and doing. My passions! I let my emotions demonstrate value for me instead of worry about logically demonstrating it through gimmicky stuff. Logically demonstrating value sure does work but women are emotional so there is no need to logically demonstrate value. Read in the next chapter about story telling for more information.

Embedding Attraction switches in stories

I would encourage everyone to embed attraction switches into their stories if they want to get really technical about everything. They are not the end all be all for attraction but they definitely work. They are listed in Part 20. You can write your stories out and slightly modify them to follow the attraction switches. Eventually with practice you will start to naturally tell stories with attractions switches embedded.