Getting Started in Pick-Up Guide – Teasing, Negs, Breaking Rapport and False Disqualification

Breaking Rapport

First and foremost this is an art. Let me make it really clear that in no way shape or form should you be insulting girls. Although at the same time there is going to be one out of five hundred that insulting will work for. Mystery says and I fully agree that correct response for a NEG is laughter.How To Pick Up A Goth Girl

Teasing: Cocky Funny Negging

I am really going to classify every type of teasing, cocky funny, False Disqualification, Breaking rapport, and neg into the same category. They are all forms of breaking rapport.


You and I would never get along

You are bad news

Where is your off button?

Total troublemaker

The concept of Breaking Rapport (BR) and when to use it

You ever wonder why sometimes when you BR it works wonderfully and other times it blows you completely out of set. Before you can ever break rapport with a girl she must already be seeking rapport with you. If she is indifferent to you then breaking rapport with her will do nothing. Love and hate you can work with while indifference is the killer.

For me there are only 3 specific times when you want to BR.

1. You must break rapport in every set in some way to establish attraction. Notice this could be as simple as taking a step backward or as intense as going ‘You are such a bitch :P ’ (I want to stress that you must have the calibration down and no matter what you are doing you are only doing it right if she laughs afterward)

2. The second time is if she Breaks rapport with you. This could be in a form of a shit test or in the form of non compliance. Here you have two options. Ignore the bad behavior or you can ‘punish’ the behavior by breaking rapport with her. NOTICE when you break rapport in this situation you are countering her bad behavior and you MUST follow up your Break in Rapport with a chance for her to redeem herself.


Her: Any negative behavior.

PUA: Aww isn’t that cute your such a troublemaker :P I bet you keep all the losers at bay with that. (Give her a chance to redeem herself after you tease her)

3. Finally there are those girls who live and die to tease. Most girls only need a little tiny bit but then there are the other ones, the ones that eat and breathe teasing. You will get into battles with them and it is required to constantly break rapport with them. My primary FB who I have been seeing for a year now constantly battles with me even to this day. I love it because I naturally like the aggressive teasing. Some girls do it and some don’t. Go after the type that fits your personality. Basically I am saying that sometimes Breaking Rapport hardcore never ends and other times you only want to do it sparingly.