Getting Started in Pick-Up Guide – Story Telling

The Art of Story Telling

What are good stories?

The key to storytelling is that it is not in the words you say but in the emotion that you put behind the words. No matter how exciting or how drab the factual story may be if you don’t put enthusiasm and excitement into the story it won’t work well. You can talk about the silliest or on paper what would be the most boring things provided you get excited about them. The real key is just getting excited and really fired up about whatever you are talking about. Enthusiasm is contagious use it to your advantage.Story Telling

Writing good stories

There are going to be certain aspects of your life that you always will talk about from time to time. I suggest coming up with good stories that help you convey your personality and who you are. Things such as what you do for fun or what you do for work. Stories about your passions and ambitions in life or just some funny stories are great. I think it’s important to write out your stories and have a rough idea of what you are going to tell people when the topic comes up. Have them ready to go, not it a way where you will recite them word for word but where you can have the basic idea’s in place so that you can naturally and charismatically tell your story every time.

The art of Story telling

Telling a good story is really like a performance. I really want to hammer home the point that it is all about the emotion you put behind your words. Get involved and excited and you will naturally lead whoever you are talking to on a short adventure. If you get excited it is all you need to make anything a good story.