Getting Started in Pick-Up Guide – Rapport, Comfort and Connection

The key to creating a powerful connection is really making the other person feel it.  Not just talking about something but to really feel a powerful feeling inside of them. This feeling of connection is a surefire way to create a powerful connection. The old Speed Seduction rule of going first is extremely important here when connecting with girls.  If you want to have someone feel a powerful connection with you then you need to connect and get excited about something for yourself before they can get excited.comfort-and-connection

As I went out more and more, I noticed that the girls that I would connect with the best where the ones where we ended up talking about things that were really important to me. Things like friends, family, and my work.  When it came down to it I really was talking about my Passions in life.  If you start talking about things that really get you amped up and excited then whoever you are talking to is going to get amped up and excited.  Feelings are contagious.  If you can create amazing powerful good feelings in yourself then the girl that you are talking to will catch those feelings and start feeling them.  They will then associate the feelings they are getting with you.


I have found that to really get amped up and excited I need to talk about my passions.  What I love in life.  What drives me and what excites me.  When I talk about starting my own business, working for myself, and perusing my dreams I really light up.  I basically go into state and my state is contagious.  The girl I am talking to gets excited because I am all excited.  She associates that feeling with me and we both talk about what excites us.  It’s like a snow ball effect.

If you connect on those powerful feelings that drive your life and your passions then it doesn’t matter what the specifics of it are.  You passion could be computer games and her passion could be shopping but if you connect on the feeling behind the action then you can connect to completely different things.

Talk about your passions in life and get excited.  Ask her about hers and get excited together and you will automatically form a strong connection.