Getting Started in Pick-Up Guide – Push Pull

The Push Pull Dynamic

When I am in an interaction I like to slot everything that I can possible say and do into 2 categories.  One element of the interaction is always either a Push or a Pull. Basically where in the first instance you can say or do something that pushes someone away from you and in the second instance you can say something or do something that will pull a person toward you.   As with anything these are two polar opposites where a pull is on one end of the spectrum and push is on the other end.  Think Mr. Nice guy on one end and Mr. Dick head on the other end.  With any conversation I believe that a good balance is essential.  You need to be able to go to either end of the spectrum and pull it back with good calibration.Push Pull


Would be any comment or action in a pushing manor.  As if you are pushing someone away.  For example any form of teasing or not fully answering someone’s questions.   Leaving a sort of mystery about yourself or doing a take away.  Basically anything that will get them working for you.  This includes all forms of breaking in rapport.


On the flip side pull would be giving value, complements, and creating rapport.  Think positive statements and things that bring people together. Smiles and positive touching as well are pulls.

What this means

Basically you may know that going overboard on one side can lead to trouble. Whether it is over negging or over complementing the girl you don’t want to go to one extreme.  I think it’s good to mix things up and create a balance.   Thinking about everything in terms of either a push or a pull allows us to really balance out an interaction. You can create attraction by varying things up and having the woman always guessing.  It is a great attraction tool.

Push Pull Routines

These routines are snap one liners used to fluster women and really amping up attraction. They are usually two extreme comments almost like flipping a light switch. You can really combine two opposites and you will get the desired effect.



Your such a little brat I love you.

You are awesome we would never get along.

I hate you.. Come here (hug)

You are such a bitch.. I love you!

You are either the biggest creep or the coolest person I have ever met.

As you can see you can use pretty much anything.  Experiment with quick push pull lines to spike attraction.