Getting Started in Pick-Up Guide – Pulling Girls and Bouncing

Bouncing girls from the club and venue changing really comes down to three basic things:Pulling Girls and Bouncing

1. You need enough attraction and comfort built with her so she is comfortable being with you.  It’s much easier to pull a grill from one club to another bar with all her friends then to separate her.  You need more comfort, attraction, and timing to pull her away from her friends.

2. Over hype where ever you are going. No one wants to go to this place that is just okay.  Hype any aspect of the venue from its chars to it drinks.  This goes for your apartment too.  Talk about the cool stuff that you want to show her.  Very simple.

3. Most importantly pulling and venue changing comes down to asking.  If you don’t ask the girl if she wants to bounce it’s never going to happen.  Take action and ask.  The more you do it the more you will realize when it is the right time to ask.  It comes naturally through practice.