Getting Started in Pick-Up Guide – Plowing

What is Plowing

Plowing is a conversational technique of using brute force to get what you want.  It is basically talking over people and cutting them off so that you are constantly the dominant and leading force in conversations.  I am an aggressive person so I love plowing.  It may not be for you.  In fact it may be counterproductive for you if it doesn’t fit your personality. I find it extremely useful to get into set in loud fast paced clubby environments.  There are two forms of plowing; normal plowing and stacking plowing.Plowing


Normal plowing would be raising your voice over other people to get your point out.  This can also be done by cutting other peoples conversational threads to stay on your own material or threads.  This can be extremely useful when entering a set to gain attention.  Think of it as smashing around with a hammer to get your point across.  Sometimes it is necessary to get everyone’s attention and to keep the group on track.

Stacking and Plowing:

This is an extremely aggressive form of plowing which I use a lot when hooking sets in an extremely loud fast paced club. I will talk over people and continuously stacking different material until I get a reaction from the girls.  If they aren’t responding to something that I am saying I will start talking about something else.  If that doesn’t work I will start talking about something else and so on.  This is sometimes necessary to break into set.