Getting Started in Pick-Up Guide – Last Minute Resistance

Last Minute Resistance

What is LMR

I couldn’t write a Pick-up Guide without talking about LMR.  Notice that NO means no and when in doubt stop.  But I also want to say that sometimes No means not yet.   In person there is a huge difference and it’s really easy to tell.  If she is moaning and saying I barely know you or it’s too soon and she is stopping you but saying it passively.  Then that means not yet.   But if she is serious and says no that means no.Last Minute Resistance

How to avoid LMR

Over my years of getting better and better with the opposite sex I find that I don’t really like dealing with LMR and instead I want to completely avoid it by doing two things.  Sure with the right attitude you can plow through it and sometimes you need too but I think it’s much better to avoid last minute resistance.  I avoid it by doing two things.

1.  Comfort. The longer you spend with a girl the more comfortable she is with you.  The more places and situations you are in with her the more comfortable she will be with you.  Despite what the community says I believe you can be friends with a girl for a long time and still escalate it to sex provided you are an attractive male to begin with.  Sure it’s nice to get there quickly but in my experience if you consistently maintain attraction either automatically or consciously then you can escalate it to sex after months of hanging out with her.  Don’t get me wrong I am not saying wait when you can have sex but I am saying it’s not necessarily a race to get there.

2. Not letting LMR exist. You can allow last minute resistance to not even exist if you take it and instead of just escalating you can escalate while telling the girl that you are not going to have sex with her.   If you are constantly telling a girl you never sleep with girls so soon in a relationship but at the same time escalating hard core while maintaining the fact that you will not sleep with her so soon you can get all the way to having sex.

Basically you escalate all the way to almost sex and keep turning her on while telling her that you will not sleep with her yet.  You get her so turned on that she will initiate the final push to sex.

Girls do this to guys all the time. Escalating and getting us turned on just to say not yet.  We go crazy… Just flip the script!

How to deal with LMR

There are three ways that I deal with LMR.

1. Two steps forward and one step back.  If I am getting heavy resistance when I am escalating I go into a two steps forward one step back mode.  If you take a look at the Kino escalation ladder in the Kino chapter you can just simply follow a two step forward one back.  Linger on the step you went back to then try to push forward again.  Repeat until you get to where you want to go.  It works.

2. The Freeze out. This is more of an extreme tactic.  It works and I have done it but it is a last ditch effort and if you don’t do it correctly she will smell the reactive nature of it.  Basically if you have hit a brick wall when escalating you completely stop and start doing something else.

Getting up and watching TV or checking your email will work.   The girl will become upset because you stopped stimulating her physically and we all love stimulation.  Then you play dumb!!! Oh I thought you didn’t want to do anything more so I am not doing anything more.  Then you go back to escalating and if she stops you then again completely stop and do something else.  Repeat and you will break through the barrier but this has to be done in a way where you are not getting angry and she isn’t thinking you are reacting to her.  Best way to do it is almost play dumb.  If you ever get angry she will lose all her attraction for you.

3. More Time. Most people in the community won’t say it but sometimes when all else fails you just need to spend more time with the girl.   NOTICE: Now is not the time to freak out. You must maintain your cool.  Instead of getting mad and thinking she won’t have sex with you think about how she is in your bed already so it’s only a matter of time before you have sex.  If it doesn’t happen now it will happen the next time.  The thing that will screw you up is if you get angry.  If you get angry the girl will lose all attraction she had for you.  Keep your cool and chill and try the next morning.