Getting Started in Pick-Up Guide – Inner Game

The secret to good Inner game

The secret to getting amazing good inner game is that there is no secret.  What inner game comes down to for me is forming new beliefs inside your mind.  Beliefs such as having abundance with women and having true confidence in your skill that you can get any woman you want.   This only happens from going out and practicing until you have enough experience that your internal thought patterns change.  There is no short cut.Inner Game

Creating Long Lasting confidence

Everyone always asks how you do it.  It’s really quite simple but extremely time consuming.  You have to flood your subconscious with new experiences where everything works with women.  Think about it. If you have had bad experiences for five, ten, or twenty years trying to figure women out then you have to un do all of that internal conditioning.   This takes time.   The only way to really get good at something and truly believe you are good at it is to practice and reinforce that you are good.  Once you have enough experiences it will click and you will see the light.  It is easy because it’s simple but it requires great commitment. You won’t get there over night but I promise if you stick with it eventually you will get there.