Getting Started in Pick-Up Guide – Amogging

Dealing with Mixed Sets

When encountering mixed sets the rule I like to follow is to treat the guys as UGs.  Basically treat them as girls you would never have sex with.  The rule that I follow is to befriend first always.  You never know if it is just some guy hitting on her or her best gay friend.  Going in with an attitude of friendship first will help avoid many problems.  I highly recommend it.amogging

With guys you can connect on all the logical boring same old guy stuff.   Simple logical questions and statements work great.  Comments about their shirts, the weather, sports, drinking, or the bar work great.  I like to throw in comments about my ex girlfriend to disarm them if I feel that they might think I am hitting on them.

Dealing with AMOGs

There are many fancy ways to amog guys and they work.  You can gain attraction from girls by tooling guys and covertly reframing stuff they say to make them look like a tool.  I do not recommend it. You can piss people off and sometimes it can back fire.

The best way to Amog

The best and most powerful way to amog anyone is to completely ignore them. By completely ignoring them I mean as far as you are concerned they do not even exist.  For example I have been out where guys have grabbed me and where they have pushed me and they continued to push me.  If I give them 0 attention it will stop.  Literally no matter what they are doing if you act like whatever they are doing whether it is talking or what not just act like you aren’t even seeing it and they will slink away.  The best way to amog is completely ignore and then they can do nothing.