Getting into State

Theory for Getting Into State: From Introvert to Extrovert

There are a few concepts that I want to discuss that I haven’t heard talked about before. Hopefully this is original and not entirely heard before, though some of it will be.How To Tell A Girl What You Do

2 Kinds of State: Introvert and Extrovert When people are alone they are in Introvert Mode, they are thinking in their heads and in their own universe. When people are with another person or other people, most often they are in Extrovert Mode and are sharing ideas or communicating feelings. We are naturally in some stage of either Introvert or Extrovert at any given time, and we naturally shift from one mode to the other without thinking about it or making any kind of effort. But there are some people out there who have a hard time talking to other people, or, going from Introvert Mode to Extrovert Mode. I’m going to discuss 2 different views. First will be about ourselves and second will be about other people. Let’s begin.

You – From Introvert to Extrovert Most of us are alone before we go out, so what we need to do is go from introvert to extrovert, which is very simple. You start by opening strangers. They don’t have to be girls we are attracted to, they can be anybody you cross paths with. The more people you open and the more positive interactions you have with people, and the more you cross from introvert to extrovert, the closer you come to being in state. I’ll describe state simply as fully enjoying a positive experience while completely in extrovert mode. Sometimes we meet up with friends and may be part of an Introverted Group. An Introverted Group are people who are all talking together and are almost completely oblivious to what’s going on around them; they’ve locked other people out of their circle. I’ll discuss this more later. When you are in extrovert mode, opening is easy and you are perceived as being high value, or at least have enough to continue talking to. Now let’s apply this to other people.

Opening Other People – Introvert Mode You should be aware of which mode the person is in because it helps you gauge the potential difficulty of opening the set. For instance, if you want to open a girl walking down the street but she’s in Introvert Mode, your opening line or immediate follow up statement (your transition) has to be powerful enough to hook her into conversation with you. If it isn’t, she’ll stay in Introvert Mode. Do take into account the fact that there will always be other things that factor into whether you’ll be able to hook her or not, such as; is she on the phone, is she late; those kind of things. If you succeed you bring her into Extrovert Mode and you’ll be able to communicate with her easily.

Opening Other People – Extrovert Mode When people are out being social, they are in extrovert mode. They are generally easier to open for the simple fact that they are already out of Introvert Mode. You still have to hook the set with interesting discussion though, or you are perceived as not being high value.

Opening Other People – Group Introvert Mode If people are talking to each other, pretty much the same rules apply, except the difficulty of opening and hooking is a little less. Why only a little? Because a group as a whole can be in Group Introvert Mode, where the only thing they are aware of are their own thoughts and the thoughts being communicated to the rest of the group. There may be one person in the group who has either assumed the duty of monitoring the outside goings on by their disinterest in the conversation or has been assigned the duty due to their low status among the group. These are the people no one listens to. But the group is still partially in Extrovert Mode so they are a little easier to open overall. You won’t be successful if you are closer to the Introvert end of the spectrum because people will equate that with you being a low value person. The closer you are to the Extrovert end of the spectrum the more successful you will open.