Getting a Girlfriend

This article is about overcoming difficult times and finding your so wanted girlfriend. It may possibly happen that for months, if not years, you might be in a really bad streak with women. Long time without sex or a girlfriend can be terrible and could give a serious blow to your self-esteem. It may happen that you might start blaming yourself as a failure and perhaps you might even find uncomfortable going out and socializing with other people. This happens to many men all the time and everyone can get through. You just need commitment, belief and a good deal of hard work. So, let’s break up where you should focus on and the reasons for your failure. If you think you are fine in one of these points, jump to the next one.

Getting a Girlfriend

You don’t meet women

If you just don’t meet women, the logic is that you will find it hard to land a girlfriend. Just think about it – How many new girls did you meet during the last month? Your chances finding a partner are proportional to your answer. The more women you know, the more possibilities you’ll have. So your first and most important step has to be in that direction.

To meet hundreds of women you don’t necessarily need to go out every day. That can keep being an option, but there are other possibilities you could consider if you are not the club type of guy. For example, try joining groups, take courses (dancing, speaking… Something that will raise your value and where you can meet women at the same time,) go to art exhibitions and join the new communities thriving on the Internet. The possibilities are endless and it’s not so hard to start meeting women. You just need to move your ass a little bit.

No time/Job too tiring are not excuses. If you job really doesn’t give you any time for social life, I’ll suggest you finding yourself another one. After all, you don’t need more than a couple hours a week to do all this.

You are unattractive to women

Imagine you meet many girls, but because one thing or the other you always end up being unattractive to them. That’s possible, happens all of the time and it’s definitely not good. In this case you should be honest with yourself and completely self-critical. There must be something that makes you unwanted in the eyes of women and your duty is to find out what. That something can not at all be about your looks – most of the times it’s something about your personality.

Find your weak points and the causes of your low value. Work on them and build the necessary attributes to become more attractive. Learn to speak and to be charismaticdress up well and learn to tell good storiesPractice eye contact, body language and all those things that could make you become more seductive. Work hard for it – results won’t come in a few days time. But with consistency, in the end, they will.

You can’t get beyond first base

If you ask a girl out and she agrees, she’s interested in you. Perhaps not that much, but you will have some chances. No girl goes out with a guy just out of pity – there’s always something. The key to win is to make the most and potentiate that interest. A girl might go out with you one or two times, but she will dump you fast if you happen to be a horrible player.

Potentiate what interests her by displaying further value, social proof and having an amazing couple of first dates. Think on what of you is she attracted the most to and keep building on that. Don’t play conservative – just show the best of you. Finally, don’t lose your chances. You’ll have to kiss when you have to kiss and take her to bed when the time comes. Don’t let time pass – Do things when you should.