Frenzy Slot App Review: My Unbiased Opinion


Welcome to my review of the Frenzy Slot app, where I’ll share all you need to know about this game that claims to give you a chance to win real money. The developers of Frenzy Slot guarantee that you can get paid via PayPal or Amazon gift cards every 24 hours. The game features a classic slot machine that you can activate as many times as you like, and the best part is that it’s entirely free! All you need to do is press the “spin” button and collect at least $1000 to cash out.

However, before you invest your time into playing Frenzy Slot, you should know that I have reviewed several slot games that do not pay out, even when all the conditions have been met. One of them is Slots of Happy, which is identical to Frenzy Slot and is also operated by AlwaysWin. Therefore, it’s essential to find out whether Frenzy Slot is legit and will transfer the money you win.

What Exactly is Frenzy Slot?

It’s a free mobile game that claims to allow you to play slots and win real money. You earn virtual items by tapping the spin button, matching specific symbols, and watching videos. The game profits by displaying videos that advertise other unrealistic money-making games, enticing you to watch these videos by offering rewards and extra spins.

Frenzy Slot has been installed over 100,000 times and has a 4.4 rating out of 5. However, before you get too excited, make sure to scroll down to the review section and read what other users have to say about their experience with Frenzy Slot.

How Does This App Work

Let me walk you through how Slots for Happy works. This worldwide Android game does not require any in-app purchases to access the slot machine, meaning you’re not risking your money.

To get started, you need to confirm your agreement with their Privacy Policy. However, it’s worth noting that Frenzy Slot doesn’t have a User Agreement, which could mean that the developers aren’t bound to any rule. So, be cautious and avoid any app or website that doesn’t provide Terms of Service.

Once you’ve accepted the Privacy Policy, you’ll see a PayPal card with $1000 and the instruction to “Collect $1,000 to collect PayPal card.” You have 24 hours to reach this target, and there’s a countdown to keep you on track. Simply tap the spin button to activate the 3-reel slot machine and cross your fingers.

At the start of the day, you’ll have 10 free spins, but you can earn one every 2 minutes. Additionally, you can watch a video to receive 10 extra spins. Matching 3 symbols will earn you a virtual item or bonus, and at the beginning, it’s easy to match 3 PayPal logos and collect $70 – $90. You can also win gold, Amazon cards, diamonds, bells, and golden coupons.

Cashing Out

While there are many rewards available, you won’t be able to cash out until you’ve reached $1000. You can redeem this amount via PayPal or collect a specific number of tokens to receive a $1000 gift card. The tokens you collect include gold, Amazon cards, diamonds, golden coupons, and bells. You can also choose from six gift cards, including Amazon, Visa, Steam, Google Play, PlayStation, and Xbox.

But the prizes don’t stop there. You can exchange 300 puzzle pieces for an iPhone 13 Pro, and by checking in for three days, you can redeem an iWatch. Sounds generous, right? However, we’ll need to determine whether these rewards are genuine or not.

Is It a Legit Way to Win Money?

If you’re looking for a way to earn real money, Frenzy Slot might not be the best option. Despite promising payouts via PayPal and Amazon gift cards, many users have reported that the rewards are fake and impossible to redeem.

The game is designed to lure users into watching videos and playing slots in exchange for virtual items and bonuses. However, as you get closer to the $1000 payout threshold, it becomes much more difficult to match symbols and win rewards.

Furthermore, Frenzy Slot puts your redemption order under review and requires you to watch a significant number of videos before releasing your payout. This has frustrated many users who have invested time and effort into the game, only to find out that it’s a trap.


Frenzy Slot is not a legitimate way to earn real money. The rewards and prizes promised in the game are just illusions and users are forced to watch countless ads to even have a chance to redeem their supposed winnings.

The fact that the game is rigged and the lack of a user agreement further prove that it is not a trustworthy application. It’s important to exercise caution when downloading and using apps that promise easy money, and to always research and read reviews before investing any time or money.