Flirting at Hostels

It’s hard to find an easier place to flirt, to meet people and to shine than a hostel. I never had so much success with women as when I first went traveling around Europe. It was just crazy – I had never had that many possibilities.

Flirting at Hostels

The trick is that you meet so many people and so many girls that at least one will find you attractive. Couple that with lots of alcohol and parties every night and it just happens. It doesn’t even matter if you, just like me, personally travel for culture and history. The majority of people just go backpacking for all the parties and fun.  That makes love and sex practically inevitable.

The Catch

Still, there’s a few ways to maximize your hostel success. And it’s simple – If you want to be the biggest winner at the hostel you’ll have to work on three things. You’ll have to be: exotic, adventurer and the leader of the tribe. That’s all it takes to have the time of your life while traveling. These will help you with girls wherever you are, but especially in places as hostels!

Being Exotic

I’m from Argentina and speak English with a very strong Italian accent. How cool is that? It is enough for most girls to find me special and exotic. I don’t have exotic traits, skin or hair… It’s just the passport and the way I speak. But it works marvels. I love it and, it appears, girls too.

The truth is that most of you were not born in an exotic country nor have a supreme-flirting accent. But you can make it up and have a bit more of fun too. If you are from Ohio, for example, you can say you are from Hawaii. That alone will raise your chances greatly. And I can assure you that because I told my best American friends back in Europe always to say that to wow girls.

Lying and inventing stories is not part of my usual pick up. But I will do it if I have to. For example, in Chile they hate Argentineans (and it’s the same pretty much everywhere in South America) so every time I’m there I just tell people I’m from Austria or Italy. Works marvels and, after all, in most cases you won’t meet the people again. Just have fun.

Being The Adventurer

If you just can’t be exotic, it’s ok. You have another couple of ways to prove yourself special! One is being the adventurer. The adventurer is not the one who went to the craziest places (you’ll always find someone who went one step farther) but the one who in the moment proposes the most funny and crazy things. You got to be that person.

I arrived to Salzburg late at night and checked in the hostel almost at midnight. Some guys and girls were having a drink in the common room and I joined them after leaving my backpack on my bed. They were having fun and still discussing whether to go to this club or the other. I just told them that on the way I saw the castle (it’s quite central actually) and would love to visit it NOW. They thought I was crazy but we finally ended up going there for real.

The streets were dark, the sounds frightening and the castle looked gloomy from the outside. Couple that with a big full moon, spring weather and a bit of alcohol and that made the situation look amazing. It was like a time travel to a few hundred years back. We had a lot of fun and made many jokes while we discovered and explored that part of the city.

In just a few hours the girls had gone from not knowing me at all to think I was super cool, lovely, fun, adventurous and more. Then I could choose the one I wanted – It was that easy! Make an adventure wherever you go. It doesn’t need to have castles, gloomy atmospheres nor it doesn’t even have to be at nighttime. Just break the rules and make everyone do something fun.

And always be careful. I wouldn’t go wandering drunk around the darkest alleys of a city if I weren’t in Austria or a super-safe country. It’s cool to be adventurous but it’s bad to be really crazy! Just take that in mind.

Be The Leader of The Tribe

No matter where you are, you got to be the one who leads. When you are with guys and girls at a hostel you got to be the one who commands the conversations, who everyone likes and who makes the fun kick off. It’s easier than it sounds and it doesn’t take much. Just remember to be open, loud and charismatic.

People at hostels are super friendly so make sure you are very active and social. Remember names, remember their stories, ask them about themselves and always have plans under your sleeve. The castle example is just one more of how one can lead. But not every leading has to be an adventure. You can, for example, be the one who proposes the drinking game or the one who tells the best anecdotes.

Be that man who everyone in the hostel says hello or always speaks a little bit to. Then the girls will start to think there must be something special about you. In an atmosphere where people hardly know each other for more than two or three days is when you have to shine. Outwit all the other guys and go straight and fast for the protagonist place.