First Kiss Tips

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first date, if it’s a coffee pick up of if you are dancing in the club. There’s always a chance to kiss the girl.

First Kiss Tips

If she’s ready, she’ll let you know. Girls, consciously or unconsciously, will exhibit some signs that will show they are attracted to you. For this case I’ll focus on the most important three:

1- There’s More Intimate Physical Contact.

Pay attention to how and how frequently she touches you. Touching shows that she’s comfortable being with you. You have to notice the variation in touch – when she starts to touch you more often and in different places it means she’s ready for a more intimate interaction.

But mind – you have to start touching her too. If she doesn’t touch you back and takes your hands away, push the brake. But if she’s good with it, it means that you are on the right track.

2- She Exhibits Sexy Body Language.

If she wants you to kiss her, she’ll have a flirtier body language. So keep your eyes open and pay close attention. These are a few examples of what she will normally do:

  • She leans closer to you.
  • She smiles at you more often.
  • She wets her lips.
  • She twirls her hair around her fingers while she is looking at you.
  • She crosses and re-crosses her legs more often.
  • She discreetly exposes more skin to you.

If you want more examples, check out the full list here.

3- The Conversation Switches From The Mundane And Serious To Flirty.

If she is flirting or teasing you more frequently, it means that is becoming sexually attracted to you. The more she flirts, the readier she is.

So, once she brings the conversation that way, you go with her. Stop all the serious talk and start playing her game. Flirt with her too, tease her and don’t be afraid of bringing the conversation that way.

Two Are Enough

As a rule of thumb, when the girl falls into two of these, she’s done. All you need to do is to go and kiss her. And kisses are not asked, they are given!

You don’t need some trick or line to get a kiss. You just need to watch her straight to the eyes, smile and carefully start touching her. If she lets you touch her face, slowly escalate until the kiss becomes inevitable. Touch her hair, her chin and then go for the kiss.

And mind – she could also be up for the kiss even without showing any of the three. If she doesn’t talk flirty or doesn’t touch you doesn’t mean she won’t kiss you. It just makes things less likely, but definitely not impossible.