First date tips to impress your date

So finally your first date has been finalized and you are all excited about meeting your special someone after those long chats online. I am sure you would also be equally nervous about the entire proceedings. The nervousness at times can take control of your emotions and could matter of fatally ruin your entire first dating experience! Someone recently told me that the first date is more like an university examination where you need to completely relax yet concentrate on the subject matter (which is the date in this case) otherwise the whole paper (date) could be a disaster! In fact in an examination you would at least get a second chance to clear the paper but in a date unfortunately there is nothing like a supplementary examination where you get a second chance to make up for your embarrassing mistakes in the first outing!

This article has been craftily and intricately drafted giving you some interesting and essential first date tips, which would help you, sail through your first date in a successful and pleasing manner. The below first date tips would help you understand and recognize the importance of simple things which could make a lasting impression on your partner.

Let us start the first date tips on a positive note by analyzing the do’s for the occasion.

  • Be on time: the basic and first among the first date tips would be to be on time. Timing is very important for any meeting and the rule applies for the first date also. When you are late it could leave a complete negative impression about your attitude to your partner. First impression is the best impression and when you end up coming late for your first date itself it would certainly leave your partner infuriated. The worst part about coming late could be discovering that your date has left after waiting for a while. Therefore, the date ends without beginning itself!
  • Make and be at ease:  making your date feel comfortable during the first date is another very important factor to be considered as first date tips. Obviously you both are meeting for the first time in person and it would be natural for you to feel nervous. However, feeling relaxed yourself and making things easy for your date like keeping the initial conversation casual would also put your partner at a comfort level easing the otherwise tense cloud hanging about.
  • Make the date out of ordinary: another remarkable among the first date tips would be to make use of the opportunity to make your date remember you at all times. If you end up talking nothing at the date enjoy a quiet dinner and leave your date would forget you the next morning. Come on folks you people are out on a date not on some bland and mechanical outing, spice up the date with some interesting conversation!
  • React: when your date cracks a stupid old joke, which no more makes you even smile act as if you have thoroughly enjoyed the piece. This would make your date feel wanted and pass the message of being interested.
  •  Converse and let converse: extremely important first date tips for all you men and women out on the first date. Do not let the conversation die down in within minutes of start of the dinner, lunch or walk where you would end up eating or walking in silence for the rest of the time before winding up. Keep the conversation alive and interesting through the date. That does not mean that you get all the liberty to blabber through the date about your interests. Learn to be a patient listener and allow your partner also to speak during the occasion. If your date is the shy type you may prod them into speaking by asking simple questions like ‘what are your interest?’ or ‘which is your favorite movie?’
  • Choose a distinct venue: while choosing a venue for the date do some research or ask friends for good first date tips for venue for the date. It is not necessary that you have to take your date out to dine or for a movie. A creative venue like a Zoo or art gallery could add some spice to the outing and make it more romantic and different.
  • Be natural and confident: while looking for good first date tips you are certain to run across terms like stay confident and be yourself. These criteria are very important as if you pretend to be someone else to impress your date it is not going to be long lasting as when your date discovers the real you there are chances of him/her walking off the relationship. Along with behaving naturally it is also important to stay confident and enthusiastic through the outing.

The above first date tips give you an overview of what you should do on your first date but there are some things, which you should never do on your first date. Below are the first date tips, which would tell you what you should not do on your first date.

  • Dining etiquette: if you have chosen to dine with your partner on the date it is certainly not a bad idea. The food and background music if any would surely set the mood for the date but your eating manners could really put your date off. For example if you are used to eating with your mouth open for heaven’s sake change it. It could really look gross for the person sitting across. Similarly if you want to burp try keeping it minimal or low and excuse yourself.
  • Mind your words: use of unruly language in the conversation is a complete no. also never talk of sex or private problems if your date is not comfortable. Of course if you want to carry forward the date follow the first date tips to completely avoid talking about kids and marriage.
  • Avoid drinking: it is understandable that you are happy and want to celebrate but not to the extent that you do not know what you are speaking and end the date in the restroom revisiting all your lunch or dinner.

So folks I am sure that the  above first date tips of what to do and what not to do on your first date would have helped you gain a clear understanding of the situation. My best wishes to all you first daters out there venturing out to impress your special someone!