First Date Mistakes

I already wrote about what I do on my first dates. The focus is on doing something unique, special and original together. My goal is to make girls live an experience they might remember for a long time to come. Now, there are also those things you should never do, being the date unique and original or not. These things are universal!First Date Mistakes

Ways to ruin your first date are…

1- You are late. Women are allowed to be late – you are not. Never ever leave a girl waiting. In the best possible scenario your chances will be greatly reduced from the very beginning.

2- You speak about negative feelings or about your exs. Instead, stay positive and focus on giving away charm and good emotions. Also, keep past relationships for yourself.

3- You are look and dress dirty. Something obvious, but the cause of many failed dates. Make sure you are showered and clean, dressed up nicely, with your teeth brushed and that you are using some cologne.

4- You are not a man. Being a gentleman is not out of fashion. On the contrary, it’s a must. Small things as opening the door for her, letting her order first and complimenting on how nice she is looking all make the difference.

5- You look at other women instead of her. Even if Miss Denmark is on the next table or just pops out from nowhere, keep your eyes on your date. Make her feel special, unique and that you are having a great time with her.

6- You speak over the telephone during a date. Just turn off your mobile – Do not even leave it vibrate. Having friends calling you won’t be a demonstration of social proof. On the contrary, it will be a lack of respect to her. If you are expecting an important call during the date, let her know in advance.

7- You demonstrate low value. Once you look needy, pushy and in constant search of approval, say goodbye to your chances. Don’t give excuses and never say sorry unless the situation is really, really bad.

8- You create false expectations. Let’s say you told her you were a great dancer and then, on the club, you were far below her expectations. Point of no return – You are dead. You could overestimate your golfing skills, for instance, but not those things that are so easy to check out on.

9- You don’t kiss her when you should. It’s funny, but if you leave the chance go by, you are dead. Future chances might be slim, so better do it when you have the possibility. Being a horrible kisser might kill you too.

10- You don’t follow up. At least send her a SMS the next morning and tell her you had a good time. Then arrange the following date for someday soon – Don’t let too much time go by.