Finding a Girlfriend at a New City

A little bit of personal story here. I just moved to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for what I expect to be at least a few weeks. The place is cool, hot, sunny, beautiful and full of nice girls. Still – I came all alone, at least in the sense that I didn’t know anyone before I traveling here.

Finding a Girlfriend at a New City

These are the cases when I want a girlfriend most than ever. I can live without one home, where I have my friends and my family, but when I’m abroad (and not traveling) it can make my life much better. So mission is to find Brazilian girlfriend.

It will take me a bit as I’m always looking for the best -sometimes to a point of stupidity, – but I’m sure it will find the right one. I have lots of experience traveling and in new cities so that will help me out here. I’ll share what I’m going to (and doing) with you:

Finding A Comfortable Place.

That’s the most important thing here. You need to have some good place to bring people for a few drinks, to eat or just to watch a movie. That’s even more important than having your own single bedroom – You just need comfortable place with good vibe to make guys and girls feel good around you.

And go for the best. I’m living a hostel in Leblon (the most exclusive neighborhood in Rio) just because I want to live here. It has a perfect place next to the best beach in town, a terrific kitchen and a lot of nice people. Shame I don’t have my single room – but I can get one for a few bucks if I need it and the girl is really worth it.

Also, living in a hostel, contrary to a single room or an apartment with just one or two people is more fun. There’s always someone to do something with me and being around people (and many girls, too) all the time raises my game and my practice for when I’m with the girls I really like.

Find a place where you feel (and you will make girls) the most comfortable at. For me it’s this hostel – maybe for you it’s something more intimate. Look for yours.

Going Out. Lots.

I work till mid-afternoon, but after that, unless we have the rain of the decade, I’m out. I go wherever, but don’t stay home. There are lots of places where I can meet girls and those are where I have to be. In Rio these are: the beach, the malls, bars and clubs. Unlike my other cities, Rio is not so cultural-heavy (big turn-off), but there are still plenty of chances anywhere else.

The more time you spend out, the more chances you’ll have of meeting locals. It’s an easy equation and you have to take advantage of it. And when you are abroad there are hundreds of excuses for you to speak with people.


I’m obsessed with languages. I want to learn the language of all the places I go to. Rio is not the exception – and thankfully Spanish (my native language) and Portuguese (Brazil’s) are quite close. It’s easy to start to learn and it is the ultimate excuse to approach.

Asking for language exchange is the easiest and most effective way of getting dates. It may look weird at first glance, but people find it cool that they can help you out with their language. If you are from the other sex and attractive, they’ll be even more willing to give you a hand. Cool.

I met girls on the beach, bars and online who accepted to “teach me” Portuguese just after a few minutes speaking. They just find it more interesting and “safe” than if I asked them for a conventional date, plus I offer cool things in return: Spanish, Tango, cooking, etc.

The only con here is that if the target language is the same as yours. Then you have to come up with something new. But try the cultural exchange thing – maybe it can be cooking, reading, whatever. Just focus on giving and receiving culture. It’s the proven way of getting dates fast.


It’s not necessary to even get dates when you are in places as Rio or where girls are easy to get laid. But the high quality ones, the very best and those who I look for right now are not of the easy type. They just need some time out with you to get to know you.

If that’s your case, take them out. Search long and hard for one good restaurant and bar where you could take them if needed. Just like back home, you must make the atmosphere and environment play the game you want.

Final Thoughts.

Be willing to push hard. It will be you who will have to make most of the calling, arranging dates and so on. It is not meant to be that easy – you’ll have to work more than home. But it’s still more fun and the wide range of excuses you have to speak with them is unique. It will make, in the end, matters even easier.