Escalation Window

This is a key concept that I feel is grossly over looked. Juggler talks about it breifly but I think he is the only one. This was made glaringly obvious to me the other day when we were attacked by the group of hot Russian girls.

Girls are looking for stimulation. They want you to lead and they want you to be the party. They don’t want to be the party they want to be let into the party. Leading me to my escalation window. When you are running your game a window will be presented by the girl and you have to step through it and move to the next step or she will get bored and leave.

Notice some girls will leave the window open longer then others. Sometimes days, weeks, or other times just minutes as Edge and I saw with the Russian girls the other night.

Basically she is thinking where is this going lets get to the next step is this guy for real? She is looking for you to move the interaction forward. Take it to the next step get the number, move the girl, bounce the girl, or pull the girl. There is only so long you can attract, qualify and then vibe with them. You have to constantly move things forward and lead the interaction.

Take a look at my tasting success blog entry the girls came up to us we vibed and qualified them and they started parading their sexuality for us with a few of them making out with each other. They opened the window for a bounce and something that could have easily lead to a threesome if not more. The opportunity presented itself and you have to move on it as soon as possible.

I think the key is to do as little work as necessary in the shortest time to get the girl comfortable then move to the next step. This is true pickup, calibrating so you open will as little as possible quickly get her attracted and qualified. Connect and move on. Do not linger on the stages and then we will all get what we want.