Entourage Game: Becoming Famous

This is a little rant after my saturday night of where I want to take my game.

I am standing there and the owner of the club waltzes litterally waltzes up with 8 or so blondes 2 of the hotest ones I’ve seen all night maybe all month way hotter then the dancers or the bartenders. They run off to closed off vip table and I am just thinking to myself how on earth can I get those girls.

I am looking around huge dance club they have the music up louder then normal I can’t think let alone hear myself yell. And I keep thinking I need to learn dance floor game and I try to no avail. I get the IOIs and girls dancing near me just becuase of the way I am dressed but I can;t pull the trigger. Even still if I did what next?

I want to be that guy who rolls with the girls has them coming up to me and trying to get into my party. This is what I need to create. A lifestyle that feeds me. Not where I need to run and do all of the work even though it would nice to get that handled. This I bieleve mystery talks about as enterouge game. This is my overall goal in the coming months to convice the club that I am famous.

Steps to doing it.

1. Following through on my passion and putting the work in to get it done. I doesn’t need to be successful it just needs to be. Get the stuff done get the website up to date and give it an insane appeal.

2. Recruit girls to come to the club with me. Hot ones, ones who will play along and be into it. This will be the hardest part but really its easy if I set up the correct steps. Through day game and recruiting models maybe myspace.

3. Get a body guard. Get a beefy intimidating kid who wants to come around with me dressed in a nice suit to keep people away and play the game. He will probably get laid more then anyone else in the club once everything is inplace.

4. Get a photographer with a crazy big camera to take pictures.

This will all be a big show but putting the peaces in place and then I will be famous. Maybe Edge could even be my manager if he wanted.