Ending Bad Streaks With Women

All men have bad streaks. It’s normal – Sometimes for weeks or for long more you’ll go without even a kissing a girl at all. It happens to us all, and on this article I’ll show you which are the ways I used to get back on track.

Ending Bad Streaks With Women

Recognizing The Problem.

First, be fast to spot the bad streak. One time you may go out with this girl and do bad – But don’t start putting up excuses and blaming girls when more dates start go wrong. Same when you are not approaching enough, being rejected by more girls than before and all.

In these cases is when you have to cool down and think: I’m on a bad streak? Think hard what’s going on: is there something affecting your game? The first step to fix everything is to identify the problem, become aware of it and build a plan and framework to succeed.

Getting In Action – Ending Bad Streaks

It has to be your goal and objective to get out of the bad streak as soon as possible. The longer you take, the harder it will be. So prepare yourself to do some decisive and concrete actions to get the ball rolling once again.

In most cases the main cause behind bad streaks is a lack of confidence. You may be losing yours, not flying as high as before, etc. So the first thing you have to do is to get your confidence up fast. There’s an easy way of doing so and I seriously advice you trying it out.

What I do is to go and kiss or sleep with some girls I normally wouldn’t. I try not to go too low but I still start firing shots where, in a good streak, I might never do. How low you want to try is up to you – I’ve been bottom-low a few times and not too bad another few.

For example, I was on one of the best streaks of my life. Getting the hottest girls – All those I had always dreamt of. Never before I had been so successful and with so many high-quality girls. I was getting the beautiful, cultured and snobby girls I always loved. But one day I fucked up – Not too bad, but I acted as an asshole with one girl I was fooling around with and brought a small crisis up.

Just days later I lost an invaluable chance of going a step forward with one of the most amazing girls I had ever dated. And soon after I ended up a love-affair with another girl… It was like if the world was collapsing – A total disaster considering how much fun and glory I was having just days before.

I was pissed, confused and afraid. But I moved forward quickly. I was not willing to get into a vicious circle of bad streaks, and just two things fixed it all. These are:

1- My Wingman.

I already wrote about the importance of wingmen and why should everyone have one. This is yet one more reason – They’ll come and help you out to break the bad streak. Mine got me out, even if I didn’t want to, every night of the week to get me back on course again. I could not say no – He would kick my door down and get me out of home and to the bars and clubs with him.

I’m not a party guy and he was not a party guy either – But he made sure to take me out enough so I could start becoming the best Mario fast. Others would have just let me stay home, watch a movie and chill while the world was moving on.

2- Leave Ego Aside.

I’m spectacularly picky – I have refused to sleep with many girls other guys would be dreaming to. I never exaggerate, but I still never go to bed or kiss girls I don’t like. Maybe once a while on a club or one special party night with the boys, but, in general, it’s not something that happens too often.

To break a bad streak, though, I leave my ego aside. After a few days of bad luck, agony and with my confidence stupidly low, I just went forward and approached the fattest and most horrible girl on the party. I was kind of doing her a favor and kissed her passionately to the astonished looks of my and her friends.

A bit later I was with an ok-girl and by the end of the night I was slowly raising in scale. I was back. A bad looking girl is still a girl after all – It’s better than nothing. Think of them as a catapult to the best ones. Few guys, if any, only get the nicest girls.

This is just an example. I had bad streaks all my life. No matter how good you believe you are, there’s always chances you’ll fall into one. Just find the right guys to help you out and make sure to downgrade your wishes for a bit.