Easy Skills You Could Learn

These tricks won’t get you women by themselves and maybe they don’t even help you one little bit. Still, it’s cool stuff to know, you could give it a try and once a while they might even come handy!

Easy Skills You Could Learn

It is not that girls will be amazed by them, but the fact is that doing something like this will give them an excuse to speak to you or for you to speak to them too. It may happen that girls might come to you saying, for example:  “Wow, how did you do that?”  – Actually with zero interest on the skill but with their real attention on you and using it as a reason to open you up!

So, onto the tricks, you could start by learning:

The most basic pen tricks. It may sound stupid, but things like this could certainly get you girls. For example, one of my best friends was once opened by a girl asking him to teach her to do those tricks. Some time into the future, that girl is already his girlfriend! And either way, they are cool stuff to know.

Lean to say at least ten things in different languages. I don’t speak Finnish, Russian, Greek or French, just to give you a few examples. But I do know how to say cute things in all of those languages. So, when I meet girls and guys from all those countries they are amazed I can speak something to them and they burst in laughter. It also gives me the possibility to start telling anecdotes of why I do speak those phrases. But Mind – I don’t mean you should learn the usual “Hello,” “Thank you,” and so on. Instead, go ahead and learn more interesting things as “I want to marry you,” “I want to sleep with you,” “I’m a small baby,” etc. (An article expanding on this will be coming soon!)

Learn to peel a banana like a monkey. This has been my latest discovery and I’m still amazed by something as simple and stupid as this. I first watched the video here and was overwhelmed. After all, I realized I had been opening the bananas from the wrong side all of my life! And it’s so easy to do it right – Just learn and teach!

Learn to make a Paper Rose/Crane. With all my respect to those folks who do it, I do believe Origami is a bit gay. Yet, if you learn how to do one or two of the things these guys can do it might be worth a shot. Learn to make a crane, a rose or something small like that, they might come in handy. Especially on drunken nights in a bar or a house party with girls it could even make a difference. Try it!