Do Something Today

In here you have the tools, tricks and hours of reading material to get ideas, inspiration and more. But it will all be worthless unless you go out and put it into practice.

Do Something Today

Do you? If you are single and looking for someone – Did you do something today to get closer to your goal? The answer must and should be yes.

If you don’t act, if you don’t move your body and put yourself into action you won’t win. Staying home alone won’t get you anywhere. Fire a few shots and try!

Because for much I want to help you, it’s you who has to make the big steps here. You have to work and be in action everyday to get the girlfriend you want.

Try out these, for example:

  • Spend an hour at a cafe and approach at least one girl.
  • Call and invite a girl you know to go for a coffee, a drink, a walk or even to eat.
  • Find and email a few girls online.
  • Go and sign up to a gym, yoga, language or whatever kind of activity you might like and has girls.

These are just a few examples, but I hope you get the point. If you want something, you have to be in action.

To meet my girlfriend I spent a weekend on a charity camping on the slums, under the rain and in conditions so horrible that few would like to experience. But I went so I could meet her. It was my best chance to speak for long and deep with her.

How about you? If you do nothing, you’ll get nothing. Girls don’t knock on your door; it’s you who has to fire the shots. Good luck!