Daring Descent App Review: My Unbiased Opinion


Welcome to my review of the Daring Descent app! WINR Games offers a variety of Android games that give you the chance to win cash prizes through sweepstakes. Among their most popular and engaging games is Daring Descent, a game that challenges players to rotate obstacles to guide a ball through gaps.

Many app developers engage in misleading advertising to generate ad revenue, making it seem like their apps offer an easy way to earn real money. Unfortunately, these developers often don’t share their profits with players who remain loyal to their app. In this review, I’ll explain how Daring Descent works and offer my honest opinion on whether or not it’s a legitimate way to earn money.

How to Play Daring Descent

Daring Descent is only available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. To start playing, you must create an account with WINR or log in if you already have one. You can sign up or log in using your Facebook account or email address if you’re at least 14 years old. Before doing so, it’s essential to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to understand the rules and important information.

One of the best things about WINR is that all of their games are connected to just one account, meaning that you can accumulate tickets and cash rewards by playing more than 45 games, including those from Big Time Cash.

To play Daring Descent, simply swipe left or right to rotate obstacles and guide the bouncing ball through the gaps. If the ball hits a specific segment of a different color, the game ends.

Earning Tickets

The number of tickets you collect is proportional to your score, and you can earn a significant bonus by completing challenges. For instance, reaching 20 earns you 2,500 tickets.

You can collect additional tickets by watching videos, completing offers, and inviting other people to play Daring Descent. For instance, you can earn 5,000 tickets by installing another WINR game or 100 tickets per video. If someone installs any WINR game and enters your referral code, you’ll receive 2,500 tickets and $0.10. You can find your code on your profile page.

Prize Draw

All tickets outside of the bank are automatically entered into the next prize draw. You can find the countdown to the next draw, the current number of entries, and the next prize at the top of your screen. The prize is always over $3,000, which may not be high considering the number of tickets entered each day. Remember, only one winner is selected from millions of users playing any of the company’s 40+ games, making the odds of winning lower than winning the Superball.

In my opinion, WINR should publish the total number of entries at the end of each contest period. What do you think?

Converting Tickets to Cash

If you believe that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, you may prefer to convert all your tickets to cash. You can exchange 10,000 tickets for $0.10, but you can only cash out once you accumulate $10 in your WINR account. Before converting tickets to cash, you must deposit them in the bank, where they will not be entered into the next prize draw. To convert your tickets to cash, enter your wallet and click on the conversion tool. Once you reach $10, you can request payment via PayPal.

Is Daring Descent a Legit App?

Many mobile games falsely advertise the ability to earn real money, leaving players frustrated when they don’t receive any payment. However, Daring Descent is a legitimate app, although it’s important to understand that the company reserves the right to reject or cancel payment requests for any reason. This is stated in the app’s terms and conditions.

While there are some reports of successful cash-outs, there are also many complaints about lost tickets, missing payments, and difficulties exchanging tickets for cash. According to reviews on the Google Play Store, less than 1 in 10 people who attempt to cash out are successful.

One of the biggest reasons for this low success rate is the time it takes to accumulate enough tickets to cash out. This can be discouraging for players and cause them to give up on the app altogether.

While you can use your tickets to enter sweepstakes, the odds of winning are very low, likely less than 1 in a million. It’s important to manage your expectations when using Daring Descent as a way to make money.


Daring Descent is a legitimate app that allows users to win cash rewards through playing their addictive games. While there are complaints about lost tickets, missing payments, and other issues, there are also successful cashouts reported by some users.

However, it is important to note that cashing out can be a time-consuming process, and the odds of winning sweepstakes are low. As with any money-making app, it is essential to read the terms and conditions carefully and understand that payment requests can be rejected or canceled at the discretion of the company.

Ultimately, whether or not to use Daring Descent is a personal decision that should be made with caution and realistic expectations.