Daily Raffle Review: Is It Legit or Fake?


In this post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Daily Raffle, a free app that offers daily prize draws with the chance to win up to $1000. According to their website, Daily Raffle boasts high winning odds, making it stand out from other similar apps.

Many YouTube influencers have also promoted Daily Raffle as a great opportunity to earn free money. However, if you’re a skeptical person, you’re probably wondering if Daily Raffle is a scam or a legit app.

In this review, I’ll be delving into how the Daily Raffle app works and providing my honest opinion on it. But first, let me ask you an important question: Have you ever dreamed of making a full-time income online and leaving your day job behind? If so, Daily Raffle could be worth checking out.

What Exactly is Daily Raffle?

It’s a free mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices that gives away daily prizes ranging from $100 to $1000. Unlike other apps, there are no in-app purchases or ticket buying required.

Instead, you earn raffle tickets by watching sponsored video clips on your device. Essentially, you’ll be trading your time for a chance to win big.

Is Daily Raffle a Scam?

Now, let’s get to the burning question: is Daily Raffle a scam? It’s understandable to be skeptical, especially with so many fraudulent apps out there. However, after conducting extensive research, I can confidently say that Daily Raffle is 100% legit.

They use a random number generator to determine winners, and provide a key and hash number for each prize draw. You can verify the results for yourself by using the HMAC generator on freeformatter.com.

I even did a test myself and confirmed that the numbers are indeed randomly generated. Plus, Daily Raffle has a tab where you can see all the previous winners and the prizes they’ve won.

How Does Daily Raffle Work?

Daily Raffle is an app that is fully funded by advertisers who run ads through the app. Users can earn tickets by watching videos, and in turn, Daily Raffle shares the revenue with the raffle winners. Although there are few winners, those who are lucky enough can win various cash prizes. The Daily Raffle app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play or App Store. You can get up to 300 tickets every day, and each ticket has 6 numbers. You can choose your numbers or have the app select them for you. The next prize draw countdown can be seen on the main dashboard, and it takes place every day at 7 pm (GMT).

At 7 pm London Time, the Daily Raffle app randomly selects the winning number. To win, your ticket should match at least the first 4 numbers. If the first 4 numbers match exactly, you win $125. If you match 5 numbers in the same order, you win $250. If you match all 6 numbers in a row, you will win the jackpot, which is usually $500. Occasionally, the prize can go up to $1000. There can be more than one winner per day, and in that case, the prize will be divided among them. For instance, if 10 people match the first 6 numbers, each one will receive $50.

How to Get Free Tickets

Getting free tickets is straightforward. As previously stated, you can get them by watching videos. Just click the “Get a Ticket” button, and a brief video will start playing. Each video lasts between 10 to 30 seconds. When the video finishes, you will get your free ticket. The majority of ads are about another mobile application and are country-specific. Once the video is complete, you can choose your 6 numbers and click “Add Ticket.”

Daily Picks and Hints

If you click the “Quick Pick” tab, Daily Raffle will randomly choose six numbers for you. However, it is not recommended. Daily Raffle sends push notifications with hints about the winning number. For example, they might inform you that the last number is an odd one. These hints can significantly enhance your chances of winning the prize.

Get More Tickets by Referring People

You can also earn more tickets by inviting others to download the Daily Raffle app through your referral link. Share your referral link with your friends on social media or anywhere you like. You will receive 5 tickets for each person who joins through your link.


Daily Raffle app offers two payment options for winners to receive their cash prizes: PayPal or Bitcoin wallet. However, if you prefer a different payment method, you can contact the app’s developers to discuss alternative options. Keep in mind that the payout threshold is set at $100, which may be too high for some users. Therefore, you won’t be able to cash out until you reach this amount. Additionally, you may need to provide proof of your identity, date of birth, and address to claim your prize.

What Are Your Winning Odds on Daily Raffle App?

Since the Daily Raffle app generates random numbers, the chances of matching the first 4 numbers are 1 in 6561. For the jackpot prize, which requires matching all 6 numbers in order, the odds are 1 in 531441. However, you can improve your chances of winning by using the hints provided by the app. While winning the grand prize may require some luck, it’s not uncommon for multiple winners to split the prize.


Participating in the Daily Raffle app can be a fun and potentially rewarding experience. By collecting free tickets through watching videos and using hints provided by the app, users can increase their chances of winning cash prizes.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the high payout threshold and the need to provide proof of identity before collecting winnings. With a little bit of luck and strategy, users can enjoy the excitement of the Daily Raffle app and have a chance at winning some extra cash.