Creating the fury with in

This is my new key to creating motivation on the fly in the field. Think of it as snapping and really pushing yourself to another degree. Tim talks about feeding his fury in the Flawless Natural DVDs. This is my take on it as I’ve developed over the past few weeks.

Not being satisfied with anything less then what you deserve.

Not accepting anything less then what you want.

Pushing the limits.

When I had a failure that should have worked I throw it on my internal fire. I can feel the adrenaline right now in the middle of my chest exploding just thinking about the other night when I had fuck up after fuck up but then it propelled me to approach a two girls. One of the girls was my personal absolute ten. It has happened to me one other time when Edge pushed me to snap during a day game session and I realized this is all silly and there is no reason not to approach and get exactly what I want.

The hardest part is the motivation. I have to remind myself what I want and visualize it and get angry at myself in a good way to take action. If I don’t actively do it, then it doesn’t work. Somehow when you are out there and you don’t actively think about what your goals are, they seem to slip away at times.

I want to create this all the time.

Let the blow-outs and the screw-ups feed my inner fury. Basically inside snapping to: I want this and I am going to get it no matter what it takes and then just go. This has happened on a small scale but I want to continually build it and think of the moments that fuel my fury to spark it and let myself go on a rampage.

Let me clarify that this is a silly, happy-go-lucky fury, but at the same time it is a deep bodily desire to get exactly what I want. This feeds my motivation actively in field. The key to doing it is just remember the moments that spark it although it comes with a small caveat. You will not get these moments from girls that you approached just to approach. You will only get these logs to feed your fire from ones that you really want. The ones that you were afraid to approach but did it anyway – it doesn’t matter that you screwed it up or logistically it didn’t work. It only matters that you tried and it feeds the insane urge to try again and try something harder and more difficult than last time.

Break away from yourself and feed your fury.

I am thinking maybe I should make a list of things and events that trigger this body feeling inside myself. Write them down on a piece of paper put it in my pocket and when ever I am out in field doubting myself or getting AA look at it. Remember it and remember what I want and feed my inner fury.