Coin+ App Review: My Experience and Verdict


Many individuals are downloading the Coin+ app with hopes of earning $50 and redeeming the cash through PayPal or gift cards. This Android app offers various free games like monopoly, lucky spin, and others to allow users to win rewards quickly.

Although Coin+ is an addictive game that can hook you for hours, you will have to watch numerous advertisements before cashing out. The question arises, is Coin+ a scam or a legitimate app that pays its users?

Numerous reward apps are marketed as if users are earning significant amounts, but the truth is that most of them fail to pay. In this review, I will explain how Coin+ works and provide my honest opinion.

What is Coin+?

Coin+ is a mobile app that allows users to play three games and earn virtual dollars (coins) that they can redeem for gift cards. The primary game is based on the classic board game, Monopoly, while Lucky Wheel and Knife Hit allow users to earn more coins and diamonds.

According to the app developer, users can earn a gift card when they reach $50. However, when they get there, they will discover that their virtual $50 is worth only $5, and the app may not let them cash out.

I found out about Coin+ after watching a video ad that implied users could make thousands of dollars and even become rich using this app. The app developer also promises to pay its users, but is Coin+ legit? Will they pay you?

Is Coin+ Legit? Will They Pay You?

Coin+ is marketed as an opportunity to make real money, but it’s all an illusion! Upon installing Coin+, I realized that the app doesn’t provide the Terms of Service. This means that users will never know what to expect from this app unless they read reviews.

If you check the reviews on Google Play, you’ll find an overwhelming number of complaints from players who couldn’t cash out. People are frustrated after playing the game for many hours without any rewards to show for it.

Many users receive a message stating that the payment is closed, and they should come back tomorrow. Some individuals report glitches or connection errors that prevent them from cashing out. This only proves the old saying, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!”

How Does Coin+ Work?

Look no further. Coin+ is an Android app that allows users to play three games and collect virtual dollars (coins) that can supposedly be redeemed for gift cards. To get started, simply download the app from Google Play and start playing without the need for registration.

The main game in Coin+ is inspired by the classic board game Monopoly. Each day, users can roll the dice 50 times for free and collect coins, diamonds, and puzzle pieces as they move around the board. Diamonds can be used to buy a house, which generates treasure chests that give users the chance to win up to $10 worth of coins. Puzzle pieces can be collected to win prizes like an iPhoneXS and AirPods, but some users have reported receiving a “Network error” message when they are about to collect their prize.

Red Flags

While the game is addictive, there are several cons to be aware of. The Coin balance does not represent the exact amount of cash that can be earned, and as users reach higher levels, they may find that they earn fewer coins. There is also a high probability of not getting paid, as many users have reported being unable to cash out. Additionally, there are too many ads, and the app does not provide a Terms of Service or FAQ section.


Coin+ is a mobile app that claims to offer an opportunity for users to win rewards quickly by playing games and collecting virtual coins, diamonds, and puzzle pieces. However, the app has a very high probability of not paying out, and many users have reported frustrating experiences with the app, including glitches, connection errors, and missing puzzle pieces.

Additionally, the Coin balance doesn’t represent the exact amount of cash you can earn, and the more you play, the fewer coins you will earn. Overall, while the game may be addictive, it’s important to approach it with caution and not to expect to make real money from it.