Best Travel Tips

There’s a difference between good and excellent travel. Both are amazing, interesting, fun and will change your life. But excellent is just better. For the novice and for the expert, below are a few quick tips that will help you make the leap. I would have loved to know all these once I started traveling! … Read more

The Magic of One Hour A Day

One well-planned project and one hour every day. That’s all you need to produce incredible results. I got the magic this week, as I finally finished the first solid draft of my manifesto (more on that one on Saturday). I have been working on it since I came back from Brazil, but never gave it more than … Read more

Backpackers: What To Pack

Packing is tricky, especially if it’s your first time on the road. It takes a while to find the right balance. Some pack too much, some pack too little. Personally, I’m in between. I don’t take that much but I do have a bag that would get minimalists crazy. But, with more than 175 cities traveled, I believe I can have … Read more

Traveling Changed My Life (And Will Change Yours)

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust Traveling changed my life. I can’t be less dramatic than that; it certainly did. I backpacked for months around Europe and by the time I came back home I was a new man. It was a before and after … Read more

Traveling Alone Or With Friends

Should I go alone? Wouldn’t it be great if a friend joined me? For anyone preparing a trip, especially those first couple of ones, that’s one of the biggest and most asked questions. It’s hard to choose and hard to decide. The reason for that is that there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages … Read more

Spices Kit For Travelers

One of the best ideas ever is to actually travel with a spices kit. If you are a bit into cooking it’s the way to go. Most hostels here and there have kitchens where you can cook yourself a big and delicious meal. Impress friends, girls and boys or just delight yourself cooking something great. Go beyond … Read more