Ending Bad Streaks With Women

All men have bad streaks. It’s normal – Sometimes for weeks or for long more you’ll go without even a kissing a girl at all. It happens to us all, and on this article I’ll show you which are the ways I used to get back on track. Recognizing The Problem. First, be fast to spot … Read more

How to Accept Failure & Really Learn From It

Most times people fail is because they didn’t do enough. They didn’t work as hard as they should, didn’t plan enough or were shy, insecure, uncommitted or inconstant. But, blind to this fact, these people then give excuses. And the truth is that few times will an outside event restrain you for achieving your objective. It has … Read more

The Best Places To Take Girls

One good day you might just want to go for a coffee, drink or dinner with your date. Though I have a very particular view on how first dates should be, I still take girls out to bars and restaurants too. It’s not something bad. On the contrary, it will happen sooner or later. And you … Read more

Finding a Girlfriend at a New City

A little bit of personal story here. I just moved to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for what I expect to be at least a few weeks. The place is cool, hot, sunny, beautiful and full of nice girls. Still – I came all alone, at least in the sense that I didn’t know anyone … Read more

Second Dates

If you have been reading for a while you’ll surely know the most important things to do on a first date. But after that? The second date is almost equally important. It can either potentiate all you have achieved or, on the contrary, kill you off completely. Be careful! If you got a second date is because you … Read more

Best Presents For Girls

Most men don’t realize the huge impact you can have in any women just by picking the right present. Presents are a unique way to immediately make you stand out from all the rest. There are two things that will make your presents unforgettable. Take note: 1- Making them the highest quality possible. 2- Giving the present a … Read more

5 Great Presents For Girls

I already wrote about how the best presents should be like. In summary, what you should do is focus on high-quality and on giving all your presents a unique touch of charm. This way you will make all them something unforgettable. If you are lacking ideas and don’t know how a present like this should be like, read on. Here … Read more

5 Romantic Travel Ideas

Romantic trips are cool – definitely one of the best presents for your girlfriend and for yourself. A few days –or weeks- of serious life and having fun is an experience that can potentiate any relationship. If you have one woman you really love, definitely take her out of town and to one of these five … Read more

Do Something Today

In here you have the tools, tricks and hours of reading material to get ideas, inspiration and more. But it will all be worthless unless you go out and put it into practice. Do you? If you are single and looking for someone – Did you do something today to get closer to your goal? The answer … Read more

Psychology Of Attraction

There’s one important thing all men who want to attract and seduce a woman should know: women will be inevitably attracted to those men who, they believe, can give them the strongest children. It has been like this since the dawn of history and it still is now. All women will be seduced by those men who … Read more

Things to Take When You Go Out

You got to maximize your chances for anything you do in your life. Do this by practicing and being well prepared. Leave nothing left to luck. This includes when you go out to a bar or club too. Take with you all those things that will make your odds be as high as they can get. Every time … Read more

Accessories Get You Girls

Accessorizing even with the smallest ring can really take you to the next level. It’s a simple and easy way to make a big difference in your game. Why Does Sophistication Work? You might all know Mystery already. He’s the one credited with making a science out of seduction. He’s that cool of a guy. … Read more