Immediately Multiply Success With Women

This is article is part of the Inspiration Method Series. The Inspiration Method, still under development, will become the world’s most powerful way of seduction. It’s a thoroughly studied and practical method with the aim of achieving the greatest results in the shortest period of time. The 80/20 Rule Unless you have been living in cave for the past … Read moreImmediately Multiply Success With Women

Random Meetings

I’m sure you have a crush on one particular girl. Maybe she is from your university, from your job or maybe you met her somewhere else. But you are thrilled to show her your best. You probably see her just once a while and, unfortunately, in very tough and non-flirty conditions. But then, what would happen … Read moreRandom Meetings

Picking Up Perfect Tens

I love the perfect tens. And it’s not only because they are the most beautiful. It’s also because they are easier to pick up than the rest of the hot girls in the bar. Sounds unreal? Probably. But it’s just like that. And there are two broad reasons why this happens: collective insecurity and your own motivation. … Read morePicking Up Perfect Tens

Using Cologne

Why Cologne Girls have an obsession with cologne. It can really make the difference. Sometimes I wasn’t remembered for my trips, talks or clothes – I was remembered because of my cologne. And this is not an exaggeration, it’s how things work. Good cologne works charm. It really turns on women. The senses, the pheromones… We could speak about that for … Read moreUsing Cologne

Visualizing Success

Let’s talk a little bit about visualization. For those who don’t know what it is, basically it goes around thinking and picturing in your mind what your perfect outcomes could be. Done every day, this is a powerful exercise that can help you achieve better results in everything you try in your life. Including, also, … Read moreVisualizing Success

On Wingmen

Everyone should have a wingman. They just work. Having someone cool to go out with is a winner in itself. No matter how good or how old you are, to have a seduction pal is always for the better. A good wingman will help you with your goal: getting the woman you want, love, sex, or … Read moreOn Wingmen