5 Types Of Men Girls Avoid

Girls are not as hard to read as most men think. No one can tell what they really want (not even they know), but we can guess what they don’t want.  There a few types of men that girls despise. These are: 1- The Average Loser. You know what I mean here. The guy with no personality, … Read more

On Complimenting Women

Whoever said that you shouldn’t compliment girls is wrong. But there are ways and ways of complimenting, one of which is the one you have to use. As long as you keep yourself on the right track, small compliments can take you far. Most men believe that compliments are limited to things as “you are so hot,” “you … Read more

Rules of Wingmen

I’ve already explained what a wingman is and why all men should find one. Basically, having one sidekick will help you getting in the mood, showing higher value, and interacting with some of the hardest-to-get groups of girls. The aim is to go for a win-win situation, where both of you succeed. And the best way to … Read more

Tips on Dating Women

Following is a quick list of very important things all men should know about women and dating. The kind of things that will help you attracting and seducing the girl you want. It’s short, concise and very accurate. Unlike the 25 Traits Lists, which you can find here and here, this list is more focused on them rather than you. … Read more

Mistakes Speaking With Women

All men should know how to speak. Being a good speaker is a first-class skill everyone must have. It will help you in any kind of relationships you build – being them with men or women. The first point to work on is achieving a deep and commanding voice and how to calibrate the rest of your body … Read more

Getting a Girlfriend

This article is about overcoming difficult times and finding your so wanted girlfriend. It may possibly happen that for months, if not years, you might be in a really bad streak with women. Long time without sex or a girlfriend can be terrible and could give a serious blow to your self-esteem. It may happen that … Read more

Getting To Know Each Other

Many of you have been reading this site for months already… So I’m sure that by now you kind of know what are my beliefs, what I think and which are my general views and strategies when it comes to dating and picking up girls. Still, I have been quite slow when revealing more about … Read more

Your Girlfriend’s Mother

Having a Good Relationship with Mothers Winning the influence of a girl’s mother has to be among your prime objectives. It is easy when young, not to difficult after that and the benefits are huge! Just imagine – If you left a good impression on her mother, you’ll have found someone who is willing to work … Read more

Easy Skills You Could Learn

These tricks won’t get you women by themselves and maybe they don’t even help you one little bit. Still, it’s cool stuff to know, you could give it a try and once a while they might even come handy! It is not that girls will be amazed by them, but the fact is that doing something like this … Read more

Having A Happy Relationship

Why do couples fight so often? Why do men and women have so many problems, everywhere in the world? With millions of possible choices I believe that the honest and only reason is simple: people just don’t choose right. It’s simple, it’s sad but it’s also true. If people actually chose someone they really liked better … Read more

Phoning Girls

People dramatize a lot and around calls. Yet, the truth is that these hardly will mean success or failure. Most of the times it all depends on that first interaction and how much value you had and how much she liked you. The better you did, the bigger chances you’ll have. The phone part is not a new … Read more

Flirting at Hostels

It’s hard to find an easier place to flirt, to meet people and to shine than a hostel. I never had so much success with women as when I first went traveling around Europe. It was just crazy – I had never had that many possibilities. The trick is that you meet so many people and … Read more