Cash Alarm App Review – Is Cash Alarm Legit?


Cash Alarm is a mobile app that claims to offer cash rewards for installing and playing games on your phone. The more you play, the more you earn, according to the company.

However, before you start using Cash Alarm, it’s important to know whether you can trust it or not. Is it a scam or a legitimate application?

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at how Cash Alarm works and explain why you shouldn’t expect to earn real money from it.

What is Cash Alarm?

Cash Alarm is an app created by JustDice GmbH, the same company that created Applike, Fitplay, CoinPop, Money RAWR, and AppStation. It works by giving you points, or coins, when you install and play suggested games in different genres such as Strategy, Puzzle, Action, Adventure, Arcade, and more. Once you collect enough coins, you can redeem them for PayPal and various gift cards, including Amazon, Steam, Playstation, iTunes, and more.

The app generates revenue by partnering with game creators who want to increase the visibility of their apps. Most of these games have upgrades and additional perks that players can buy to improve their gaming experience.

Cash Alarm is available worldwide on Android devices, but you may not find many games to install depending on your country. That’s because advertisers know that targeting users from wealthy countries is more profitable.

Is Cash Alarm Legit? Does it Pay?

While Cash Alarm is not a scam, it’s important to understand that the company does not guarantee any payouts, as stated in their terms and conditions. From what we can see, it’s only a matter of luck whether or not you will get paid. There have been numerous reports of missing money and payments, which is why some people consider Cash Alarm to be a fraud. There have been reports of the app deleting all the games and stopping tracking after an update. This is a recurring problem with Cash Alarm and other similar apps. If you don’t collect more coins, you will never be able to cash out.

Some people claim that the app crashes as soon as they try to redeem their coins. One user claimed that they requested a payout, but have been waiting for over a month. Unfortunately, the terms and conditions state that the user has no right to the payout of a particular award. While Cash Alarm tries to make people believe there are guaranteed payouts, it’s not true. They should delete that statement if they are not willing to pay everyone.

Another problem is that when you install Cash Alarm, it doesn’t show you the Terms of Use, only the privacy policy. Therefore, very few people will take the time to read that page once they get access to the application. In conclusion, while Cash Alarm is not a scam, we cannot recommend it as a reliable source of income. If you’re looking for ways to make money online, it’s best to look for more trustworthy and reliable options. You may want to check out the step-by-step training that helped many people to earn money online, even without any special skills.

Pros and Cons of Cash Alarm App


One of the biggest pros of using Cash Alarm App is the signup bonus of 4444 coins, which you can earn just by registering. This bonus allows you to receive your first payout within a few hours. The app also offers a generous affiliate commission, which means you can earn more by referring your friends.

Cash Alarm App is also great for those who love playing games, as the featured games are both fun and addictive. Additionally, the company respects privacy regulations, which means you can use the app without worrying about your data being mishandled. Plus, you can get paid via PayPal and a variety of gift cards, making it easy to redeem your earnings.


Despite its pros, there are also some cons to using Cash Alarm App. For one, the pay rate is very low, and many users report missing a considerable number of coins. There is also the risk of the app eventually stopping crediting your playtime. The game selection is relatively small, and the app is not available for iOS devices.

While the minimum cashout is low, it takes time to cash out due to the low pay rate. Additionally, some users have reported that Cash Alarm App may ask for a PayPal password when cashing out, which could be a security risk.

How Does Cash Alarm App Work?

To start using Cash Alarm App, you must first install it on your Android device from Google Play and sign up using your Facebook, Google, or email account. Grant the app access to your mobile’s usage data so they can detect your playtime, and provide your name and gender for personalized game recommendations.

Once you’ve registered, you will receive a welcome message and a signup bonus of 4444 coins. To earn more coins, you can play the featured games, which offer different coin amounts per minute of gameplay. Simply tap “Play and Collect,” install the game, and start playing.

It’s important to note that each game has a limited quota paid out by advertisers, so the more you play a specific game, the fewer coins you will get per minute. Eventually, you will need to download and play another title to continue collecting coins.

Earning Potential with Cash Alarm App

The amount of coins you can earn per minute depends on the game and your country. In the United States, for example, you can make over 200 coins per minute, whereas in a developing country, you may get less than 10. The earning potential is low, and you can play for hours with no compensation at the end.

One way to earn more coins is by inviting friends to join Cash Alarm App. For every friend who signs up using your referral code, you’ll earn 250 coins plus 25% of all the coins they earn. Your friend will also earn 25% of the coins you earn, which is a great incentive to invite them.

Payouts are available via PayPal or gift cards when you reach the minimum payout threshold of $0.50 or £0.50 (U.K.). However, it’s advisable to cash out small amounts to avoid any issues with payment. Some users have reported that Cash Alarm App may ask for a PayPal password when cashing out, so it’s better to choose Amazon or another gift card instead.


While Cash Alarm may seem like a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash, there are too many drawbacks that make it hard to recommend. The pay rate is very low, and many users report missing a considerable number of coins. The game selection is relatively small, and the app may eventually stop crediting your playtime. Additionally, the minimum cashout is low, but as the pay rate is also low, it takes time to cash out. Overall, there are likely better ways to earn money online than by using Cash Alarm.