Can Meditation Help Pick Up Chicks?

As you may have read, I have re-committed myself to doing yoga consistently. Like a shower – everyday.

Someone came to me recently and said, “That’s great that yoga/meditation helped you get rid of anxiety, but can meditation and/or yoga help pick up chicks?”

Based on what I’ve been seeing… YES.

But there’s a missing step. Let’s say that some asked me, “Can exercise help you lift things?” Yes, indirectly. If you exercise and build your muscles, your muscles will help lift things. The exercise gives you the muscle, the muscle does the job.

In the same way, yoga / meditation will build your ability to stay present to the interaction. Your presence will be calm and stable, not jittery and nervous or foggy and “checked-out”. And because of your improved presence, you’ll come across as much more attractive to women.

I can tell you all that when I am doing yoga on a daily basis, I receive a lot more positive attention from women. But beyond that… my all around experience of life is heightened and improved.

My focal point this month is on building my own presence and being present to my interactions with women. I will continue to talk about my experiences with this as the month unfolds.