Building Choice: How to Do Anything You Want

Choice is good. It means opportunities and it means freedom. Isn’t freedom just what we all want? Freedom to do what we want, take the path we want and be where we want – that’s exactly what most people dream about.

I believe that a life of complete freedom, where I can do whatever I want, it’s the perfect life. It’s hard to achieve complete liberty – there are (and will always be) responsibilities, things to do, etc. But it is possible to get very close. It all comes down to being smart and taking the right decisions.

My Personal Example

I just sat for GMAT last week. I scored high – perhaps not for a Harvard/MIT level, but strong enough to almost guarantee me a place in any European Masters Program. That’s a big relief – all of the sudden my options multiplied by hundreds.

In the meantime, I was already accepted by for one top-tier program in Denmark even without the GMAT. Now I don’t know whether to go to Denmark, apply to the #1 Uni next year or to do both. I love this. I love to have the choice to go where I want.

I don’t need to worry about money either. Now I’m earning enough on auto-pilot to live a good life even in places as expensive as Northern Europe is. As I run a location-independent business, this gives me the possibility to keep working no matter where I am – be it Denmark, France, Korea or back home in Buenos Aires.

It’s perfect, just what I wanted, and it all comes down to my desire for choice. It took me a while and plenty of work, but now I can do whatever I want. It’s a BIG feeling, and I’m still not really sure If I am aware of all this. But once I see the cash in my hands and read the letters of acceptance, it kind of makes sense.

Of course, achieving this was not easy. For starters, GMAT was a pain in the ass. No matter how smart you are,  that exam it’s really a killer – it took me a lot of time and dedication to get my high score. I could have done better, and I could have done it in less time, yeah, but it would still be hard. Same with business – I could have achieved this before, be making even more money, etc.

But well, now it’s done. There’s no better feeling that knowing I will do what I want, and that I don’t depend on nobody’s decision to approve it or not.

Build Your Own Choices

My story is just one among thousands. Just as I did, people around the world are building their choices right now. And it’s not an exclusive club – you can and everyone can build choices.  There’s no impossible for the willing heart. Discover where you want to go and start walking into that direction.

Money and studies are the classics, but you can build choices everywhere. For example, I suggest guys to date multiple girls, not just one. Their chances of having a happy relationship grow with the number of choices they have. If you are planning to settle for one girl or boy, having ten to choose will always be better than if you had just two or three. It’s not too complicated – it’s plain common sense.

Choice is freedom. Embrace it.

A Bit Off Topic: Why Go to University Again Anyway?

It doesn’t make that much sense, right? I don’t want to get a corporate job, I don’t need new degrees and my time and effort could probably be better invested on growing my business instead of going back to the books.

But there’s an honest answer for all this: I like studying. I love student life – it’s fun. I like meeting people, learning, and the atmosphere in general. Masters are cool too – the higher you go in this education thing, the more specific and interesting it gets. When I studied Business I got lots of boring and tedious stuff that I didn’t care about. But for a Masters, I’ll see no more Mathematics IV or Microeconomy III – thank god I’ll have cool topics as Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship to learn about.

I could do a Masters in Buenos Aires, or even go back to my beloved Vienna. But that’s not the point – I want to live in a new city, get to know a new culture, a new language, meet new people and more. That’s what I want to go to Copenhagen, Lyon, Milano or somewhere else. The more milage, the better.

Last, I believe this is the right time to study. I don’t want to do a Masters in my late 20s or 30s – I just don’t feel that would be the best moment for me. If there’s one best time to be a student, it’s when you are in your early 20s. I could keep postponing Masters and go to Italy, France and Japan to work hard on these three countries’ languages, but perhaps that would be a better choice for later.

What do you think about all this? Let us all know by writing a comment! Maybe you can help me out decide what to do.