10 Best Webinar Software in 2021 – Reviews


Are you looking for the best webinar software for 2021? Trustworthy webinar software is certainly to benefit many businesses. However, such software sometimes comes with its issues, so it is important not to overlook the possible disadvantages.

Finding the best one available isn’t always an easy task for the consumer, however. There are a lot of brands to consider and an even wider number of features. As a matter of fact, the good ones are rather difficult to come by on account of how many webinar software products have flooded the market over the years.

To help you along in this search, here is a list of the best webinar software products in the market at the moment.

Top Webinar Software in 2021 – Reviews

1. Zoom

Zoom is a complete online meeting and video conferencing platform. The solution provides video conferencing, webinars feature, screen sharing feature, live chat, cross-platform messaging, file-sharing feature, audio feature and more. Zoom enables several employees to share their screens and interact during meetings. All meetings, passwords, and other data are end-to-end encrypted and secured in the system. Engagement can be boosted with polls and Q/A sessions. Zoom is suitable for a wide range of industries including finance, marketing, education, healthcare and government. It is compatible with both PC and mobile devices.

2. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a webinar software that powers millions of webinars each year. It makes webinars easy-to-use and easy to pick up. GoToWebinar includes advanced scheduling, engagement, & publishing features that enables you to host large-scale events in no time. Users can schedule the meeting from any place in the world and collaborate with business partners and employees. Whether you use webinars for marketing, generate leads, training, or corporate communications, GoToWebinar covers you. GoToWebinar is available for Desktop and mobile users. Key features of GoToWebinar: Dashboards, Audience polling, Q&A, Handouts, High quality audio, Data exportability, etc.

3. Livestorm

Livestorm is a webinar and meeting platform for customer training sessions, product demo, online courses and online communication sessions. With Livestorm you can create a webinar in a few minutes, with an awesome registration page and personalized email sequence for reminders and follow up messages. The solution integrates with multiple apps through Zapier. Livestorm customers can send their webinar attendees data to their CRM. With Livestorm analytics feature you can observe the attendees’ behavior, profile, and their engagement throughout the webinar. Livestorm is accessible via any browser, mobile, and desktop. Businesses of all sizes, from fast-growing startups established brands like Intel and FedEx, are already using this platform to host webinars and meetings.

4. WebinarJam

WebinarJam is a wb-based solution that helps companies create and conduct webinar sessions. The software can be used for live streaming on Youtube and Facebook or event broadcasting via private webinar rooms. WebinarJam provides Pay-Per-View feature to the users. With WebinarJam you can create webinars by using existing videos, slides and animations. You can also customize landing pages with different call-to-action buttons, promotional marketing content and links to checkout pages for paid webinar sessions. Core WebinarJam Features: Notifications, Customizable Branding, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Event Management, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Reporting/Analytics, Social Media Promotion.

5. Business Hangouts

Business Hangouts is an advanced video Conferencing and collaboration solution. Business Hangouts offers the online meeting and webcasting solutions to the users. It allows you to record direct to YouTube and customize event pages and emails. Key features of Business Hangouts include: Alerts/Notifications, Customizable Branding, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Event Management, Reporting/Analytics, Social Media Promotion. Business Hangouts can be downloaded from G suite marketplace and Chrome store. Pricing of Business Hangouts is based on monthly subscriptions and support is available through documentation, phone and email.

6. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is web-based software for hosting webinars and training sessions. ClickMeeting is a perfect business solution for training and e-learning. The user interface provides all required tools to make your webinars more engaging for attendees. ClickMeeting’s webinar branding features empowers users to create, design and add custom-branded webinar rooms. You can easily use this product to convey knowledge, demonstrate expertise, and generate sales. ClickMeeting’s core features: webinar room, webinar recording, profile pages, tests, surveys, web conferencing, low bandwidth requirements, waiting rooms and registration pages. ClickMeeting is available on a monthly subscription basis and there is a 30-day free trial.

7. BigMarker

BigMarker is a cloud-based webinar software for businesses in the technology, logistics, education and nonprofit industries. The solution offers integrations, APIs, and white label services that empowers organizations to integrate powerful interactive video experiences into their marketing, hr, sales, and learning stacks. With Bigmarker you can design beautiful customized landing pages by with your own logos and color themes. Core features of BigMarker include automated webinars, recording, meeting rooms, landing pages, chat, polls, handouts, live chat, analytics and reporting. Located in Chicago BigMarker serves thousands of companies and organizations worldwide.

8. MyOwnConference

MyOwnConference is a web-based web conferencing software that serves small and mid-size businesses in a variety of industries for web conferencing, broadcasting live webinars and online training sessions. This product doesn’t require any software installation and user can view their webinar program directly in the browser. MyOwnConference allows users share their screens or keynote presentations during the presentation. They also can live-stream videos they’ve uploaded or videos from YouTube for demonstration purposes. The platform offers a great set of features needed for web conferences and webinars: Q&A, screen sharing, chat, screen sharing, multi hosts, poll and survey, keynote sharing, live chat, whiteboard, and many others.

9. Webinato

Webinato is a cloud-based web conferencing solution for engaging training and marketing. With Webinato The user can find autopilot capability, whiteboard feature, in-room survey feature, exit landing page feature and much more. Businesses users can easily create webinars with existing slides, audio files or even record their computer screens using the autopilot recording functionality. Users can interact with attendees by sharing computer screens, drawing on virtual whiteboards, sending messages and more. Webinato is used by thousands of businesses worldwide, including big brands like IBM, Toyota, Amazon and Microsoft.

10. BrightTALK

BrightTALK Channels is a modern webinar solution that supports companies of all sizes with channel setup, live video streaming and lead management. BrightTALK provides the valuable thought of leaders and shares their ideas which one is helpful for the business growth. Some of the top features in BrightTalk Channel are video creation, live chat, multi hosts, intent tracking, pipeline management, screen-sharing, social media promotion and much more. The solution offers integration with multiple third-party tools like Salesforce, Gmail, Marketo, HubSpot, Slack and Eloqua. BrightTALK is available on a monthly subscription and support is extended via chat and online training.

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