Top 10 Best Ski Goggles of 2021 – Reviews

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Ski Goggles: A buying guide – How to choose Ski Goggles.

It would be your first time skiing soon yet you are still not sure about how to choose ski goggles. Maybe you knew that goggles are not compulsory, but nowadays, they could provide your eyes with extra protections from bad weather. You wouldn’t want to end up having to treat your precious eyes after your negligence to wear proper ski goggles. Maybe you used to know that ski goggles were not fitting well with your outfits. However, you can now buy stylish goggles that would match with your outfits. Let’s find out what you should look out for when choosing ski goggles. Here are some important points.

Should it be ski goggles instead of sunglasses? Of course, both would give your eyes protection from the sun rays and UV rays. However, since you are not going for some hike in nice weather, you would need something that could attach to your face tightly. Ski goggles could give you much better protection than sunglasses, especially for the watertight feature. They are also much more flexible than sunglasses which would be safer during your fall. Ski goggles could protect your face because they are so flexible while sunglasses might break and add the damage instead.

The most important part of goggles are their lenses, recent models could have a number of technologies and treatments integrated. This means that the optical quality and comfort would be much improved than the older models. However, the better the quality and features, the price would also be rocketing. Skiing would need you to rely on your sights. That is why ski goggles’ main purpose is to prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes. The first thing you should look at is the protection index, which follows the EN174 standards. The goggles which are made with this standard should be able to protect your eyes 100% from harmful UV rays. You would also see the lens’ category which indicates the visible light transmission (VLT), or the level of visibility. The higher the category, the darker the lenses will be. You should choose the category based on the terrain, category 0 and 1 would be suitable for terrain with unclear vision and bad weather. These categories tend to have clear lenses with tolerance to light up to 43%. The upper categories are meant to be used while you have enough or even high intensity of sunlight. The top category goggles just have 8% tolerance to light which means you would see much darker lenses. If you want to be more convenient, you can choose to have the ones with photochromic lenses. This type of lens has pigments that could react depending on the light intensities, it could adapt and change its tolerance to light from category 1 to category 3. This is the best way to keep yourself compact, you don’t need to bring another pair of goggles or extra lenses to adjust to the weather.

The next thing you should pay attention to is the tint. The tint helps your vision to adapt to the light intensity in the terrain. If you would ski in bad weather, you should choose the ones with bright tints like yellow or pink. Those tints would generate better contrasts and help you with providing a better vision in bad weather. While you are in a place with quite high luminosity, you’d better choose the ones with gray or brown tint.
Those are the main features which are important for your safety. There are still other secondary features which could be optional since it could only affect your comfort. You can choose to have ski goggles with polarized lenses that could help you to reduce the glares from light reflections on the goggles. For more comfortable skiing experience in the snow, you could choose the ones with anti-fog coating. This type of lens is made with double layer technology, plus, the ones with better quality have waterproof coating to prevent snow and water from setting on the lens.

There are also several more features which you won’t really need for your first time skiing. Make sure you cover all the crucial points to ensure your safety in the terrain and you are all set.