Best Presents For Girls

Most men don’t realize the huge impact you can have in any women just by picking the right present. Presents are a unique way to immediately make you stand out from all the rest.

Best Presents For Girls

There are two things that will make your presents unforgettable. Take note:

1- Making them the highest quality possible.
2- Giving the present a unique touch of charm.

These two are universal, straight-forward and will make any present special. Quality will seduce everyone, while that unique touch of charm will make you especially attractive.

The Highest Quality

This is self-explaining. I rather buy something smaller and less spectacular as long as it’s of outstanding quality. You should too. To put in an extreme example, a tiny but well polished diamond ring outclasses any other with a bigger and more flamboyant stone.

The same applies to any kind of present. If you want to surprise and live up to the highest expectations, buy the best. Whoever receives the present will love it.

The obvious argument against this is money. Quality doesn’t come cheap. But if you want to attract the most beautiful women, it’s your duty to put the best in. You’ll have to spend if you want to be around the best girls. If you can’t spend much, at least try your best. Girls notice it.

The Unique Touch of Charm

A diamond or a brunch of flowers is amazing. But these two are just material. You are the only one who can transform them into something more. It’s your duty as a man and also the way to make the present unforgettable. It’s what the special guys do.

And to make the present and the situation special is easy and won’t take you that long. It’s all about pressing the right keys. You have to make the presents touch and move girls’ deepest feelings.

Here are a few examples:

  • A few years ago I wrote a few pages of love, poems and stories on a paper notebook every day. After more than a month and with lots of material in there I gave the notebook to the special girl.
  • This girl loved a special Swiss chocolate that was almost impossible to find in Argentina. So I imported the chocolate, melted it and then modeled it into hearts and other romantic thingies.

These are small things, but they are not easy to forget. Try to do something in the likes of this, with your unique touch and all the charm you can. Mind: It’s not meant to be easy. You’ll have to think and work hard!

The only downside about this one is that with time it will make matters tough. It’s very hard to come up with new ideas every time and you might slightly disappoint if you don’t live up to your expectations. But this is nothing compared to the huge benefits you can have.